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標題: 農業生技產品先導商品化生產實驗室建置計畫
The project for the pioneering commercial production laboratory for bio-industry
作者: 盛中德
關鍵字: 應用研究
自動化工程, 能源工程, 機械工程類, 農業化學類, 農業推廣類, 生物技術
Biotechnology products
A pioneering of production
摘要: 完成生物產業先導商品化生產實驗室之建置,其主要任務為針對可商品化生產的生物科技研發成果,配合其產業化與商品化生產的需要,對其製程及生產條件進行先導生產試驗,並對流程各單元的工程化與量產化進行可行性評估,即本實驗室將利用建置的設備,進行生物科技產品之商品化生產試驗與檢測,據以協助並加速相關產品之商品化。目前國內生技界已開發出許多具高度商品價值的生技產品,範圍相當的廣,而本實驗室主要的生技產品對象,仍以農業相關的生技產品為主,如生物性農藥、肥料、生質酒精、肉桂製品、機能性食品及其它相關生技產品的精製等。本實驗室設備主要針對具商品化價值之生技產品進一步地進行推廣與應用。因此本計畫乃針對上述需求進行規劃及執行,包括成立指導委員會以擬訂發展方針,並擬訂指導委員會作業要點。於委員會下設置工作推動小組,以明訂工作推動小組之成員、工作要點,並研擬完成本實驗室之營運規劃書,及設立諮詢委員會等機制;完成場地配置規劃及施工,相關儀器設備之採購、建置及測試後,舉辦教育訓練等;成立督導小組召開小組會議以協助儀器設備之驗收。本實驗室已建置完成,為了實驗室之永續經營及落實廠商服務工作,實驗室未來之營運擬由本校智財營運中心及工作推動小組共同經營及招商。
The pioneering commercial production laboratory for bio-industry has been completed. The main task of this laboratory is to discover the production process and pre-conditions for those potential products of biological scientific research results, according to its development of industrialization and commercialization of those products. This project did also evaluate the unit operations in production flow to be industrialized and quantifiable. The laboratory will be used to function and accelerate the commercialized process of these related products. Domestic bio-technology section has developed and invented many products, which do have high commercial values and wide varieties. Due to the restriction, the prime bio-technical products which are concerned in this lab are in the area of agriculture, such as biological pesticide, biological fertilizer, biological alcohol, cassia products, other related products, and etc., which are refined in this laboratory. The task of this laboratory is included to further extend and apply these results into industry. The related works have been planned and executed in this project. The guiding committee, which is organized, plans the development strategy and working outline. Under the guiding committee, a working group is set up, and the members and working outlines of the group are reviewed and passed by the committee. The business plan of the lab draw by the group has been approved by the committee. The lab also forms the consulting committee, which will be used to review the project of immigrated company. The works of laboratory planning and establishment, and equipments purchasing, setting, and testing are executed completely in this project. The related training program has been held and participated by those related and interested people. The advising team is also organized to supervise the process of laboratory establishment. The laboratory has been completed so far, and the following work is to fulfill the original task of the project, to commercialize the potential bio-technical research results and to serve the related industry. The laboratory will be operated by the center of academia-industrial collaboration and intellectual and the working group in the University in the future.
其他識別: NSC97-3114-P-005-001-Y
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