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標題: 太陽能於雛雞保溫之應用研究
The Study on the Application of Solar Energy to Warming Baby Ckicks
作者: 盛中德
關鍵字: 自動化工程, 畜牧獸醫類
Solar Energy
A Baby Chick
Warming System
摘要: 本年度主要針對雛雞保溫需求,根據雛雞之特性並結合保溫室的結構,建置太陽能保溫之雛型系統,並開發適合雛雞使用的保溫器,使具適宜及分佈均勻的溫度,並具適度通風等功能,降低雛雞保溫作業之耗電量。本計畫乃利用太陽能源來進行雛雞(雛禽)之保溫,可大幅提高雛雞之保溫效能及保溫室內溫度分佈的均勻性,並能有效控溫及適度換氣,減少疾病傳染增進雛雞健康。本太陽能保溫系統之開發可大幅節省雛雞保溫所需的能源,並具環保效益,相對於使用化石燃料或電能製造熱源,能減少對環境的污染及溫室氣體-CO2的產生,達到節能減碳的目的。
This year mainly focuses on the demand of keeping warmth of baby chicks. Based on its characteristics and combined with the structure of the protect glasshouse, it can establish a prototype of solar energy heat preservation system and develop a protect glasshouse for baby chicks, with proper and appropriate distribution of temperature and ability of ventilation, which will decrease the power consumption during operation of heat preservation of baby chicks.This project utilizes solar energy to perform the operation of heat preservation of baby chicks, which can dramatically increase the effectiveness of heat preservation of baby chicks and uniformity of temperature distribution in the protect glasshouse. In addition, it also has effective temperature control and appropriate ventilation, which will minimize the spread of the disease and improve the health of baby chicks. This solar energy heat preservation system not only can substantially save the energy which is required in keeping warmth of baby chicks but also has environmental benefits in comparison with the energy generated from fossil fuels or electricity, which has less environmental pollution and generation of greenhouse gas- CO2 and achieve the objective of energy saving and less carbon.
其他識別: 98農科-2.1.5-牧-U1(1)
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