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標題: 斃死禽畜高溫微生物快速處理系統商品機之研發
The Development of Fast Treatment Facility with Thermoduric Bacteria Systematic Machine for Dead Animals
作者: 盛中德
關鍵字: 自動化工程
Thermoduric bacteria
Dead animals
Application Models
摘要: 本計畫主要在研發適合國內畜禽飼育場生產之斃死畜禽微生物高溫處理技術與商品機,完成商品機作業性能測試及功能強化工作,研擬商品機之標準作業規範,提升商品機之作業順暢度及作業效率,有利於未來商品化運轉及推廣應用,以降低斃死畜禽對環境的污染,並達到具經濟效益的資源回收再利用目標。本商品機可符合畜禽舍處理斃死畜禽量及處理效率的需求,提升農民自行處理事業廢棄物的能力。且利用微生物高溫處理技術來處理斃死畜禽,可大幅提高作業效能,減少作業時間及對環境的污染。利用微生物高溫處理斃死畜禽後之產出物既沒臭味又富含動物性蛋白質,有利於資源的回收與再利用,提升農民收益,值得推廣應用。
Accoding to the treatment request for dead poultry, this study will refer domestic and foreign related materials and develop a high efficiency thermal treatment facilities with selected bacteria. The treatment output will be analyzed to find out its value and to convert into valuable resource. The study will establish some critical treatment technique to resolve the problem of dead poultry. The study, which applies a treatment technique with thermoduric bacteria to dead poultry, can significantly increase the treatement efficiency, and decrease the treatment time and reduce the pollution threat to the environment. The local treantment technique and facility will be developed and established. Local farmers will be benefit to own this technique and facility to handle their problems of dead poultry. Since the output from developed facilities has no stinking smell and high content of protein, it can be reused and becomes valuable bio-resource.
其他識別: 100農科-5.4.2-牧-U2
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