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標題: 摻氮之矽化鈷薄膜研究及微鏡面結構製作
Effect of Nitrogen Doping on the Properties of Cobalt Silicide Film & Process of Micromirror
作者: 蕭鉉樺
Shiau, Shiuann-Huah
關鍵字: CoSixNy

reactive sputtering
nominal-the-best response analysis
sacrificial layer
出版社: 電機工程學系
摘要: 本研究主要探討含氮矽化鈷薄膜(CoSixNy)的性質,包括材料的應力、片電阻值、薄膜結構成份、熱穩定性等探討;在薄膜沈積方面,使用的方法是反應式濺鍍,設定三個影響實驗結果的因子,分別為直流電漿功率、沈積時壓力、薄膜的含氮量(N2 ratio;N2/Ar+N2),樣本沈積厚度是1500Å,並採用田口實驗設計法分析薄膜應力與片電阻值,找出最佳實驗條件及影響實驗最大的因子,進行確認實驗,印證實驗分析的正確性。此外,為瞭解CoSixNy薄膜的成分及其組成,以X光繞分析儀分析樣本的相結構,並以歐傑電子能譜分析儀分析觀察薄膜的縱深及成分。 為了探討CoSixNy薄膜的熱穩定性,將此薄膜樣本以溫度400℃兩次回火處理,並觀察實驗後薄膜應力及片電阻值改變情形,而發現薄膜在經第一次回火後,應力明顯往擴張趨勢增加,且片電阻值明顯降低。而經第二次回火後,應力及片電阻值和第一次相差不遠,因此推斷CoSixNy薄膜在經400℃回火後,內應力已釋放完畢,且熱性質已趨於穩定。 本研究中為了瞭解和評估CoSixNy材料應用於微鏡面元件中鉸鏈結構的機械性質,在此設計了一個靜電致動式的微鏡面陣列元件,以IC相容製程來製作此元件,並探討及解決製程中所遇到的問題。
This research is to investigate the properties of nitrogen-doped cobalt silicide (CoSixNy) film,including stress, sheet resistance and thermal stability. The film of 1500 Å deposited by reactive sputtering in Ar carrier gas is used in this research.With N2 added in Ar carrier, the film becomes CoSixNy. It is observed that with N2 addition, the film deposition rate reduced and on the other side the sheet resistance increased sightly. With the nominal-the-best response analysis of film stress, it reveals that process pressure is the most important factor on CoSixNy film stress. From the analysis, the condition of 1000watt, 6mTorr, and 20% N2 flow ratio is selected for confirmation experiment. This condition indeed results in low tensile CoSixNy film stress of about 54 MPa. With the smaller-the-better response of CoSixNy film sheet resistance, the DC plasma power has important influence on the film. Conclusively the optimal experimental recipe for obtaining film sheet resistance is 1500watt, 4mTorr, and 10% N2 flow ratio. As-deposited CoSixNy films have partial compressive stress, furnace annealing process at 400℃, 30min is carried out to release film stress, but some of the films are still compressive , Through the annealing experiment also shows that the more N2 flow ratio applied in reactive sputtering, the less film stress is released. In order to evaluate the mechanical characteristic for MEMS application of CoSixNy film, we also design a micromirror device fabricated with IC compatible process, and try to analysis and solve some problems on the experiment.
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