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標題: Linux系統上檢查點機制之開發
Development of A Checkpointing Mechanism on Linux Systems
作者: 林建明
Lin, Gen-Ming
關鍵字: Checkpointing
Linux system
回復Linux 系統
出版社: 電機工程學系所
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摘要: 檢查點的容錯技術在許多的研究中已被廣泛的討論,尤其是應用在通訊 與資料庫的設計中為最多。檢查點錯誤回復機制,主要是先儲存目前行程正 在執行時的正常狀態,當有錯誤發生時候,再把行程回復到上次做檢查點的 正常狀態,以減少工作的流失,而有容錯的功能。 到目前為止在Linux 系統上,所提出的使用者層級檢查點函式庫,並無 支援圖形介面應用程式,能夠做檢查點動作,與檢查點回復運算。 本論文所提出的使用者層級檢查點函式庫,能夠對圖形介面應用程式做 檢查點與錯誤回復動作,正在執行的應用程式並不需要重新鏈結檢查點函式 庫,與更改原始程式碼重新編譯應用程式,而有檢查點運算與錯誤回復機制 能力,讓使用者使用上更為方便。
The checkpoint fault-tolerant technique has wildly discussed in many research studies,especially at communications and databases designing and implementing. Checkpointing and recovery is a technique for saving process state during normal execution and restoring the saved state after a failure to reduce the amount of lost work. Previous user-level checkpointing libraries to checkpoint Linux processes do not support graphical user interface (GUI) application programs. This paper describes a user-level checkpointing library to checkpoint GUI application programs. It does not require the executables to be linked with library, so processes can be checkpointed without change and more interestingly, the manner in which a checkpointed process is restarted.
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