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標題: Enhancement of Functionality of Soymilk Fermented by Tremella Flava
作者: 方繼
關鍵字: 應用研究
摘要: 本年度之計畫目標為利用黃白木耳發酵基礎培養基,探討氮源及時間因子,找出最佳多醣生產條件,並分離其多醣進行功能性評估,透過生物分析(bioassay)之細胞實驗進行免疫提升能力分析,初步探討其多醣本身的免疫提升活性。另一方面,以黃白木耳發酵添加不同糖類及其濃度之豆奶,以期能得到具有機能性胞外多醣之發酵豆奶。並利用破菌釋放菌體內容物之方式或以超音波處理發酵液,進行功能性評估、胃癌細胞抑制活性及Caco-2、THP-1細胞模式探討,分析各種細胞激素濃度,視其對於腸道和全身性免疫的調節效果,以期能提升黃白木耳發酵豆奶之保健功效,建立提升黃白木耳種菌發酵豆奶機能性之技術平台。
The aims of this study are to investigate the influence of nitrogen source and fermentation time on the enhancement of exopolysaccharide production by Tremella flava in basal medium. Immunity studies and bioassay including various cancerous cell lines will be used to evaluate the functionality of the fermented soymilk. In addition, various concentrations and sources of carbohydrate will be added to soymilk fermented with Tremella flava for higher productivity of this functional polymer. Moreover, fermented soymilk is treated with ultrasonic device to release the cellular content, for assessment of its functionality using cell model of AGS, Caco-2 and THP-1 cell. Through this research, not only scientific data will be published, fermented soymilk by Tremella flava with enhanced functionality will be developed.
其他識別: 97農科-3.1.3-糧-Z1(5)
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