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標題: 低功率嵌入式非揮發性記憶體系統及控制信號產生電路設計
Design of Low-Power Embedded Nonvolatile Memory System and Control Signal Generator
作者: 陳志興
Chen, Zhi-Xing
關鍵字: Embedded
出版社: 電機工程學系所
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摘要: 在一般SOC的應用中,記憶體一直都是不可或缺的區塊之ㄧ,因此研究如何有效縮小記憶體面積、降低功率及減低成本將會是相當有意義的。最近有人提出一種利用標準0.35μm CMOS製程的Single-poly EEPROM記憶體結構,可達高密度、低成本以便應用於系統晶片(SOC)之嵌入式非揮發性記憶體。 本篇論文以此EEPROM作為記憶體系統的記憶元為基礎,並以對此記憶元作寫入及讀出為目標,設計所需的周邊電路,包括考慮寫入及讀出時可供給記憶元足夠驅動能力的驅動電壓的電壓驅動電路、考慮以交錯耦合電路架構來降低製程誤差的感測電路及精簡化以減少電路的複雜度的驗證電路,最後再設計一組控制信號產生器,用來產生在寫入及讀出時所需的控制信號,以便未來實現一套完整的嵌入式記憶體的矽智產。
In SOC applications, memory is always one of the necessary blocks, Therefore, it is important to investigate how to effectively minimize memory size, reduce power, and lower cost. Recently it has been proposed that a single-poly EEPROM memory structure using the standard 0.35μm CMOS process, achieves high density, low cost, to be applied to SOC as an embedded nonvolatile memory. This thesis is based on this kind of EEPROM as the memory cell to design the required peripheral circuits which are used to program and read the memory cell, including voltage drivers having enough drive ability for memory cells in program and read cycles, the sense amplifiers with cross-couple structures to reduce process mismatch and the simple verifying circuits to reduce complexity, finally, those circuits were combined with a control signal generator generating control signals for program and read, it well be applied to the complete silicon intellectual property (SIP) of the embedded nonvolatile memory in the future.
其他識別: U0005-2007200617002800
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