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標題: 地理資訊系統在森林資源調查與分析上之應用
The Application of Geographic Information System to Forest nalysis
作者: 黃志成
Huang, Chin-Cheng
關鍵字: 地理資訊系統
出版社: 森林學系
摘要: 鑑於森林資源調查, 乃林業經營上之重要措施, 森林資源調查之探討, 研 擬永久樣區之理論架構,d資料無連續性和無時效性之缺點。並應用具有提 供經營支援決策功能之地理資訊系統,惠蓀、新化實驗林場, 進行永久樣 區取樣規劃、資料蒐集與分析;林木材積量、生長量之推估; 利用不同時 期拍攝之航空照片,p及其變化情形。利用全球衛星定位系統之測量,B道確 認及樣區定位。以利地理資訊系統中空間資料與屬性資料之整合。本文研 究結果摘述如下:一、研擬永久樣區系統架構, 以供森林資源調查資料蒐 集之參考,取的連續性及時效性。二、以地理資訊系統進行永久樣區之取 樣工作,Y度、坡向、林齡為分層取樣依據, 可同時兼顧地理因子對森林生 物之影響,林生態系變化之描述。三、以地理資訊系統進行空間資料的分 析, 省卻人工面積計算步驟, U種土地利用類型之變化情形。惠蓀林場 第三林班土地利用變遷之研究案例顯示:雂ⅳ@者為闊葉樹林型、針闊葉 混交林及杉木人工林型, 而建地及崩塌地則有逐年增加的現象。四、利用 全球衛星定位系統,W可協助林道及永久樣區之確認 , 在資料處理上可於 地理資訊系統中整合空間及屬性資料,資訊。
Forest inventory is an importance step for forest the paper, We reviewed forest inventories occurred in Taiwan. Considering in establishing permanent plots, we could improve the discontinuous and noneffective inventory data. GIS is an tool for decision supporting in forest inventory and analysis. are several cases tudies of permanent plot designing in Hsin-Hua Experimental Forest Station and Hui-Sun Experimental Forest Growing stock and increment are estimated by mathematic models. Interpreta aerial photographs of Hui-Sun Experimental Forest in different periods of time, we make land use maps for analyzing land use changes. For linking spatial data and attribute data, we GPS to locate the permanent plots and forest roads in the GIS. Results of the research are as following: 1. Some considerations in establishing permanent plots were in the paper. The permanent plot system could be used to obstain -nuous and effective data of forest in the future. We could set data into GIS, spatial and attribute data will combine to support effective information for forest management. 2. For slope, aspect and elevation are easy to get from GIS, consider GIS as a useful tool for desiging permanent plot. Soil slope classes, aspect classes and age classes are used to sampling units. 3. Spatial analysis in GIS is a cost-effective technique in estimating, we can overlay several land-use maps of diffent of time to analyse the changes of land use. A case study of land change in the Hui-Sun Experimental Forest Station is studied. The significant changes are found in hardwood forest types, mixed types, chinese-fir forest type, build land and denuded. 4. GPS is used to get the coordinate data of permanent plots forest roads, we can link the spatial data and attribute data coordinate data in GIS.
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