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標題: 利用飲料包裝紙之廢料製造粒片板之研究
Patricleboard Made with Waste Beverage Carton
作者: 廖國宏
Liao, Kuo-Humg
關鍵字: Beverage carton
No glue type particleboard
UF glue type particleboard
出版社: 森林學系
摘要: 台灣之飲料包裝紙盒用量至民國81年已增加至250萬公斤,預估未來仍 繼續成長。將它與玻璃瓶包裝對環保影嚮上作比較,則飲料紙盒對環保問 題負荷較輕,但回收飲料包裝紙盒廢料再利用對節省資,減垃圾量而言, 亦是當務之急。本研究以飲料紙盒加工廠之清潔廢料為原料,經不同處理 ,以不另外上膠及添加杉木粒片並藉尿素膠膠合,製造兩系列之粒片板, 其理學及力學性質綜合如下: 由廢料A及B所製成之不上膠型粒片板 ,大部分之性質皆符合CNS 2215之標準。廢料中之聚乙烯與鋁箔在高溫下 可增進化學鍵結,而改善粒片板之強度,但此種粒片板,由於聚乙烯為熱 可塑性物質,在高溫下會軟化,故其使用環境之溫度不宜高於70℃。 由四種紙盒廢料分別添加不同比例杉木粒片所製成之尿素膠粒片板,其各 種強度均隨著杉木粒片之添加量增加而增強,但吸水率及厚度膨脹率則升 高。紙盒廢料中之聚乙烯及鋁箔會妨礙紙盒粒片與尿素膠間之結合,使得 粒片板之強度降低,但具有防止粒片板吸收水分之功效。 由本研究之 初步經驗,認為回收飲料包裝紙盒廢料製造粒片板之利用方式,雖然可由 實驗室製造外觀、理學與力學性質尚佳之粒片板,但企業化回收利用時, 則尚應考慮回收處理之技術面與經濟面之問題。
The amount of beverage carton using has been increasing 2500 tons in Taiwan 1992. In terms of en- vironmental problem, the beverage carton are better than the glass bottles. But , in the opinion of re- sources saving and reducing the reuse of beverage rubbish seems to be very important nowaday. In this investigation, using the clean beverage carton waste comes from the factory as raw material, by different treatments, it becomes two series of particleboards. The No Glue type and with Urea- Foraldehyde-Resin Glue type which mixed with China fir particles. The properties of particleboards from this two series were summerized as following: Most properties of the No Glue type Particle- board made from waste A and B tally the CNS 2215 standard. In high temperature, the the waste materials of polyethylene and aluminium foil that will conjugate stronger, so that the bonding between particles strength increased. But this particleboard will sof- ten again in high temperature, so this type particle boards were suggested don''t be used when the tempera- ture is higher than 70℃. Mixed with the different amounts of China fir particles to four kinds of beverage carton waste to make the Glue type particleboard bonded with UF-glue . The strength was increased by the amount of China fir particles, but moisture content and thickness swellings of those particleboards were raised. PE & aluminium foil of the beverage carton wast will dis- turb the bonding between the beverage carton parti- cles and UF glue, so that the strength of particle board will decrease, but it can prevent the absorp- tion of water. By the initial experience of this investigation ,the particleboards using beverage carton waste made in laboratory which showed good outlooking proper- ties , physical and mechanical properties. But it must think about technique and economical problems for useful utilization of this beverage carton waste
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