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標題: 惠蓀林場木荷及大頭茶開花物候之研究
Phenology of Schima superba var. superba and Gordonia axillaris at Hue-Sun Forest Station
作者: 林志銓
Lin, Chih-Chuan
關鍵字: Schima superba var. superba
Gordonia axillaris
出版社: 森林學系
摘要: 本研究以惠蓀林場木荷及大頭茶為材料,調查、探討其物候現象,佐以SEM觀察花芽分化及果實發育。並採取木荷種子進行發芽率試驗。結果顯示,木荷展葉期在4月中旬到5月中旬;花期在6月底到7月中旬;果熟期在11月底到12月中旬,蒴果成熟後開裂,種子隨後飄落,11月到翌年2月為最大量,蒴果直到2月才陸續掉落。落葉期集中在4月到7月,4月到5月為新葉和老葉之間的替換期,所落下來的是老葉,6月到7月為蟲害所致,落下來的是新葉。大頭茶之展葉期在3月到4月,花期從7月到翌年1月,果熟期3月到11月,落葉期集中在3到4月之萌換期內,且在落葉前葉子會變紅。此兩種植物均為雄蕊多數,木荷心皮5個,但大頭茶為5到8個;木荷在藥隔處會有假花粉的產生,大頭茶則無。木荷種子經過1個月的層積處理會提昇發芽率,但木荷保護區不同時期所飄落種子發芽率會有降低的趨勢。
This study was Schima superba var. superba and Gordonia axillaris phenological observation at Hue-Sun Forest station,Nan-tou County. Showed annual variation of phenomenon in leaf production and loss, flowering, and fruiting. Collected flower bud and fruit from tip of the branchlets and observed the development of flower bud by SEM. After fruits of Schima superba var. superba were ripe, collected the seeds from different mother tree for germination test. The result obtained may be summarized follow: Schima superba var. superba produced new leaves between April and May. Flowering period was during June and July. Ripe fruits were found in November and December. The peak of seeds fell after fruits had ripen between November and February. Gordonia axillaris flushed in March and April. Ripe fruit may be found between March and November. The peak of loss aged leaves during March and April. These two species are belong to polystemonous flowers. The numbers of stamens in Schima superba var. superba and Gordonia axillaris flowers are about 95 and 150. In early floral development, sepal primordias were first initiated. At the middle stage, the stamen primodias were developed. Stamen primordias continued to expand, the carpel were last initiated. There were psuedopollen grains in the connective of Schima superba var. superba, but there was no one in Gordnia axillaris. Germination rate would become higher after stratification. But it would become lower on different date the seed fell.
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