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標題: 大量動物屍體處理之研究分析
Study on the Disposal of Mass Animal Carcass
作者: 雷鵬魁
關鍵字: 應用研究
Animal Carcass
Gassing with Carbon Dioxide
摘要: 規劃大型家畜安樂死之方式與屍體處理流程之規劃,家禽用之小型安樂室之設計,以及發生疫情時,決策模式之建立。動物安樂死的定義是以強制的手段讓動物在無痛苦的情況下被剝奪生命。近年來不斷發生嚴重的傳染病如病原性家禽流行性感冒(HPAI),造成鉅大的經濟與人命威脅。大多數國家採取隔離撲殺病禽以防止疫情擴散蔓延,然而一些不人道的處理手段卻引起世界動物保護協會(WSPA)的嚴重關切,因此該協會進一步建議世界動物衛生組織(OIE),須將各國撲殺病禽的方式列入優先觀察與關切之項目。我們參考WSPA給OIE有關動物福祉的建議書以及美國獸醫師協會(AVMA)的「安樂死公佈欄」,選擇出兩種符合人道撲殺病禽的方法,即二氧化碳窒息法和電擊法,並考慮台灣養禽場之實際狀況,設計出兩種撲殺裝置並評估其可行性與效能。經模擬試驗得知,在密閉空間灌以高濃度之二氧化碳氣體,雞隻於2分鐘內即全數死亡;電擊法則雞隻在瞬間即昏倒甚至死亡。兩種裝置均以驅趕禽群進入機構內之方式實施,因此可大量和迅速處理病禽,人員不須近距離接觸病禽,因而降低危險性,同時也符合動物福祉原則,可作為未來不幸發生惡性傳染病時,撲殺大量病禽的方法之一。
The euthanasia method for large livestock and procedure of carcass disposal will be planned. The euthanasia room for small poultry will be designed. The policy-making model will be established for epidemic situation. Animal euthanasia can be defined as the intentional induction of death by a procedure which is painless to the animal being killed. Recently severe epidemic disease like highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) caused huge economic loss and human lives threatened. The best method to prevent or limit the impact of HPAI outbreaks on public health is to promptly stamping out these outbreaks in poultry. However, the inhumane way to slaughter those avian influenza infected birds in some Asian countries including Taiwan were highly concerned by the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA). Therefore, WSPA urges the World Animal Health Organization (OIE) to take the concerns seriously that humane emergency slaughter will be a priority issue. We refer to “a dossier prepared by WSPA to the OIE conference on animal welfare” and “the 2000 Report of the AVMA Panel on Euthanasia”, selecting two methods, gassing with carbon dioxide and electrocution, which might be practically useful in some instances in Taiwan. In this study, two equipments of electrocution and gassing culling equipment have been invented and evaluated their efficacy to sacrifice birds by humane method. At high concentration of carbon dioxide (CO<sub>2</sub>), unconsciousness and death of all chickens occurred within two minutes, while electrocution resulted in very rapid (immediate) unconsciousness and subsequent death. Both of two methods are carried out to driving flocks into the equipments. That means reducing the risk that cullers are exposed to the pathogens. Also this has a major impact on animal welfare. The equipments invented by ourselves can be used on humane emergency slaughter of poultry once unfortunate outbreak occurs in the future.
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