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標題: Sutro堰型出流口設計應用於滯洪池之研究 (I)
The Application of Sutro Weir Outlet to Detention Pond Design (I)
作者: 陳正炎
關鍵字: 應用研究
Detention Pond
水土資源保育, 土木水利工程類
Inflow Hydrograph
Detention Volume
摘要: 本計畫採用Sutro堰型滯洪壩進行水理研究,因此種開口設計係屬下寬上窄逐漸束縮之線性堰型佈置,能儘速排出洪峰到達前之逕流量,避免空間之浪費。研究擬以水流運行於滯洪池之水理特性為依據,收集台灣地區滯洪池規劃設計地文水文資料,包括滯洪池高度、滯洪池面積、集流時間、基期、入出流洪峰流量及入流歷線之洪水體積等,彙整歸納其相關特性,運用數值方法建立滯洪池之數值水理演算模式,以三角形及梯形入流歷線寫成數值程式,配合渠槽實驗驗證,以作為實務應用之參考。又為了讓使用者能簡易的使用設計程式,應用電腦程式語言整合數值程式,成為一套視窗化滯洪池尺寸設計模組。
A detention pond with Sutro weir outlet is used for hydraulic study in this project. The weir outlet has a rectangular base over which a fitting shape is designed. This special arrangement allows a rapid discharge prior to the arrival of peak flow and thus leaves a greater capacity to accommodate the income flood. The research is in accordance with the hydrological characteristics of the detention ponds, and is based on the hydrological and geological information of the detention pond facilities in Taiwan. The information includes detention pond height, location, time of concentration, the time of base flow, inflow and outflow peak discharges, inflow hydrograph, and detention volume, etc. The interrelations among them are also complied and concluded. Then, the hydraulic models of detention pond are obtained through the numerical procedure and expressed in diagrams for practical application. Two types of inflow hydrograph, triangular and trapezoidal, are considered in the analysis. For the purpose friendly to the users, a windows-based for the design of detention pond is developed through the use of computer program and numerical procedure.
其他識別: 94農科-11.5.1-保-S1(8)
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