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標題: 不同加熱處理對玉米汁品質及混濁安定性之影響
Effects of Processing Treatments on Qualities and Haze Stabilization of Corn Juice
作者: 江伯源
關鍵字: 應用研究
Corn Juice
Haze Stabilization
摘要: 蔬果汁含有大量之膳食纖維、蛋白質、礦物質、碳水化合物及維生素等成分,是近年來全世界流行的飲料趨勢。蔬果汁的品質常受到組成份(澱粉、果膠、蛋白質、脂質、酚類化合物)、加工處理(殺菁、殺菌、均質、冷卻、添加物、pH)及貯存容器、條件(溫度、光線)產生變異,並可能發生creaming, sedimentation, flocculation, coagulation,及phase separation等現象。如何保持蔬果汁在加工過程及成品之芳香風味、口感及防止懸浮物、沈澱之形成,為急需克服之難題。 玉米是台灣主要雜糧作物之一,近年來大都以供鮮食、冷凍、製罐之甜玉米品種為主,其具有亮麗的金黃色、甜味、口感及香氣。如能研發成玉米汁飲料或調味湯料,增加玉米之應用性及經濟價值,將是重要研究課題。本研究擬針對國產甜玉米之組成份、營養素、酵素及理化性質進行分析,並以殺菁、均質化、添加物、殺菌進行加工處理,對玉米汁之製程及影響進行一系列探討。另針對玉米汁之成品品質、貯存安定性、建立玉米汁混濁安定性之機制及改進探討,期能建立完整之資訊,以提供業者及學術界生產與研究之參考。
Vegetable fruit juice has mounts of dietary fiber, proteins, minerals, carbohydrates and vitamins, which is the modish beverage. Qualities of vegetable fruit juice often change by components (starch, pectin, protein, lipid, phenol compound), process (blanching, sterilization, homogenization, cooling, augmentation, pH ) and storage container, condition(temperature, light), and may happen creaming, sedimentation, flocculation, coagulation, and phase separation. It will be a challenge to overcome on maintain good flavor, texture and avoid suspensions and sediments of vegetable fruit juice during process and products. Corn is one of major millet crops in Taiwan. Recently, corns are often used to perishable, frozen products and cans, and cultivars were usually use sweet corn. Corn has beautiful golden color, sweet odor, texture and flavor. It will be an important project to develop corn juice or flavored soup materials to enrich applications and worth of corn. In this paper, we study the components, nutrients, enzymes and physiochemical properties of homebred sweet corn, and study the effects of blanching, homogenization, augmentation, sterilization processes on corn juice. On one hand, study product qualities, storage stabilization and establish mechanisms and improvements of haze stabilization. We hope to establish the complete information among them, and afford references to business and groves of academe on productions and studies.
其他識別: 94農科-12.1.4-糧-Z1(14)
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