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標題: 稻米蟲害電子流防治技術及監測之研究
Study of Rice Insect Pest Prevention Technology Using Electrons and Monitoring System
作者: 萬一怒
關鍵字: 應用研究
Insect Pest Prevention
Soft Electrons
Rice Quality
Field Server
摘要: 本計畫目的在研發穀物蟲害防治技術,建立應用小於300KeV低能量的電子束照射處理食米蟲害的實驗設備,以食米害蟲為實驗對象,探討發展不影響穀物外觀與理化品質、無化學殘留、可大量線上處理、安全有效的穀物蟲害防治方法的相關參數。探討應用NIR與影像技術發展量化檢測對穀物品質的影響。監測進口穀物夾帶之檢疫害蟲與密度發展,以避免影響國內生態環境。並研究穀物蟲害遠距監測技術與網路架構,此研究發展,可促進稻米品牌的建立,增進農民產銷收益,促進我國米的對外銷售競爭能力。本研究成果對我國的農業經濟的發展有其重要性。
The purposes of this project are to develop new technology and associated experimental equipment for grain insect pest prevention using soft electrons below 300Kev. The new grain insect pest prevention system should have less quality affection, no chemical residual and commercialized mass processing possible. Rice inspect pest such as rice weevil will be the first target using the developed soft electron device for establishing proper eliminating parameters such as processing energy, voltage and time. The possible rice quality degradation affected by the soft electrons will be studied using NIR spectrum analysis, image processing, and rice quality measurement methods to build quantitative evaluation data of the system. The rice insect pest in stored imported rice will be monitored and count of their population density and species which purposes are to avoid domestic ecological disaster. Wireless sensor network such as the Field Server will be studied their applicable in distance and real time monitoring ability of grain inspect pest development. The project fulfillment can help rice market brand establishment, increase farmer's profit and enhance domestic rice export trade ability, which are important to agricultural economical development in this country.
其他識別: 94農科-1.3.1-糧-Z5(1)
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