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標題: 禽流感病毒H5亞型快速檢測試劑套組之實測研發
Clinical Tests of Rapid Detection Kits for Avian Influenza a Subtype H5
作者: 張伯俊
關鍵字: 應用研究
H5 avian influenza
生物技術, 畜牧獸醫類
rapid virus detection kit
monoclonal antibodies
virus challenge assays
摘要: H5及H7亞型之高病原性家禽流行性感冒(HPAI)對台灣養禽業具極大之潛在危險,並有人畜共通疾病之隱憂。為求有效地監控此病毒,本計畫上年度已初步完成禽流感病毒H5亞型病毒快速檢測試劑套組。本年度由中興大學與家畜衛生試驗所合作,以H5N2與H6N1亞型禽流感病毒進行攻毒試驗。預期將可利用禽流感病毒時體樣本完成禽流感病毒快速檢測套組之實體樣本測試與評估,未來可供第一線工作人員作為現場快速病毒篩檢之基本工具,防堵病毒入侵與擴散,確保我國養禽產業之永續經營。
HPAI has imposed a great potential threat to both the poultry industry and humans in Taiwan. To effectively monitor and manage the disease, we have previously developed a rapid virus detection kit based on the monoclonal antibodies against the HA protein of avian influenza virus H5 subtype for the on-site operations of the front-line workers. To further test the sensitivity and specificity of the rapid detection kit with clinical samples, we propose to collaborate with Animal Health Research Institute to perform the virus challenge assays with H5N2 and H6 subtypes of AIV under Bio-Safety Level 3 environments. Scheduled works includes the production of monoclonal antibodies against H5 proteins, the purification of antibodies from the ascitic fluid, and the clinical evaluation for the sensitivity, specificity of the rapid virus detection kits. It is expected that the rapid virus detection kit for avian influenza virus H5 subtype will serve as a tool for the efficient, rapid and initial on-site screening of the diseases, and facilitate the effective control of the viruses to ensure the sustainable poultry industry in Taiwan.
其他識別: 94農科-13.3.1-檢-B4
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