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標題: 不同糖水處理及再加熱方式對冷凍烤鴨其鴨皮脆度改進之研究
Study on Improvement of Skin Crispness of Roasted Duck by Different Sugar Marinates and Reheating Ways
作者: 劉登城
關鍵字: 食品科技
摘要: 本省所生產的肉鴨除了少部份是直接以鮮肉供應家庭烹調食用外,大部份是以烤鴨、薑母鴨、板鴨及鴨排等方式出售。而其中以烤鴨可說是最受歡迎,但由於烤鴨在展售期間壽命很短大約5-6個小時甚至更短此亦造成加工業者的困擾也是無法大量生產及以小包裝販售的主要原因。而烤鴨製品中糖水的使用及配製對皮脆與肉嫩度有極重要的相關性、亦常是各名廚所掌握的秘訣。而國內有關改善烤鴨品質的研究資料很少。因此,本研究不僅提供適當的鴨隻烘烤前糖水配製的適當配方及使用方式、亦可提供以不同烘烤溫度時間及冷凍後再加熱的方式對烤鴨品質之資料以作為未來國內鴨肉加工業者推行小包裝分切烤鴨的參考。
Except of a small amount of fresh duck meat was directly supplied to the kitchen in a family, a large amount of processed duck meat such as roasted duck, duck steak, ginger duck etc. were consumed by the people in Taiwan. Roasted duck is the most popular traditional duck product in this country but its shelflife is short (about 5-6 hrs). Basically, roasted duck can not produced or small packaged at a meat processing plant due to having a bad skin crispness of roasted duck by thawing after frozen. Some procedures such as sugar marinate spray, roasted temperature and time, and reheating methods are related to the quality of roasted duck. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to look for a suitable sugar marinate formula and reheating method for the best skin crispness of thawed roasted duck products during frozen storage at -20 ℃. These information can provide a reference to the duck industry for roasted duck manufacture and small package in the further.
其他識別: 91農科-1.1.3-牧-U2(8)
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