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標題: 低膽固醇蛋花湯之試製
Preparation of Dried Egg Soup
作者: 張勝善
關鍵字: 食品科技
摘要: 國人生活日益富裕,飲食的攝取已有偏向過多與不均衡的現象,對國人的健康影響甚鉅,加上生活節奏加快,時間即是金錢的觀念,方便且有平衡營養的即食食品是有其必要性。本省液蛋廠所生產的液蛋,目前有蛋白液蛋滯銷的情形,對廠商是一項不利的因素,也會阻礙其他有意設液蛋廠廠商的意願,所以如何將剩下蛋白液蛋有效的利用,是有所須要的。此一新產品之研發就是針對此點目標設計,希望能對本省之養雞戶、液蛋廠有所助益。
The life of our compatriots is getting more and more abundant. Thus the diet of them is inclined to being too much and unbalanced. This has a great impact upon health. Furthermore, with the speeding up of life pace and the concept that time is money, instant food which is convenient and nutrition-balanced is now absolutely of need. The liquid egg produced by the factory in Taiwan is unsalable at present. This is a disadvantageous factor for the factory owners and would also hold back the volition of other factory owners who purposes to set up liquid egg factory. Therefore, how to make good use of the remaining liquid egg is important. The devising of this new product is just aimed at the cause mentioned before - we hope it would offer some help to the chicken raisers and liquid egg factory.
其他識別: 91農科-1.1.3-牧-U2(9)
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