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12011Solving the problem of sequence homology-independent breakdown of transgenic resistance by disarming viral gene silencing suppressorYeh, S.; Kung, Y.-
22010Regulation and functional characterization of Monilinia fructicola polygalacturonase genes MfPG1, MfPG2, MfPG3 and MfPG5Chou, C.; Bostock, R.M.; Lee, M.-
32001Priming bitter gourd seeds with selenium solution enhances germinability and antioxidative responses under sub-optimal temperatureChen, C.C.; Sung, J.M.-
42009The inhibition by caffeic acid of the expression of the Monilinia fructicola cutinase gene Mfcut1 is regulated by cellular redoxChiu, C.; Pan, S.; Bostock, R.M.; Lee, M.-
52010The mechanisms associated with cellular resistance of calamondin and kumquat to citrus canker caused by Xanthomonas anxonopodis pv. citriChen, B.; Wang, L.; Chung, K.; Lee, M.-
62010Curcumin Inhibits Human Lung Large Cell Carcinoma Cancer Tumour Growth in a Murine Xenograft ModelSu, C.C.; Yang, J.S.; Lu, C.C.; Chiang, J.H.; Wu, C.L.; Lin, J.J.; Lai, K.C.; Hsia, T.C.; Lu, H.F.; Fan, M.J.; Chung, J.G.-
72006Clinical evaluation of the Chinese herbal medicine formula STA-1 in the treatment of allergic asthmaChang, T.T.; Huang, C.C.; Hsu, C.H.-
82010Quercetin Inhibited Murine Leukemia WEHI-3 Cells In Vivo and Promoted Immune ResponseYu, C.S.; Lai, K.C.; Yang, J.S.; Chiang, J.H.; Lu, C.C.; Wu, C.L.; Lin, J.P.; Liao, C.L.; Tang, N.Y.; Wood, W.G.; Chung, J.G.-
92011Identification and Exploration of Pollen Tube Small Proteins Encoded by Pollination-Induced TranscriptsHuang, J.C.; Chang, L.C.; Wang, M.L.; Guo, C.L.; Chung, M.C.; Jauh, G.Y.-
102002Measurement of gas exchange rates in plant tissue culture vesselsChen, C.C.; Chen, J.N.J.-
112012First Report of a 16SrII-A Subgroup Phytoplasma Associated with Purple Coneflower (Echinacea purpurea) Witches'-Broom Disease in TaiwanTseng, Y.W.; Deng, W.L.; Chang, C.J.; Su, C.C.; Chen, C.L.; Jan, F.J.-
122004Field evaluation of transgenic papaya lines carrying the coat protein gene of Papaya ringspot virus in TaiwanBau, H.J.; Cheng, Y.H.; Yu, T.A.; Yang, J.S.; Hsiao, C.H.; Lin, C.Y.; Yeh, S.D.-
132000The promoter for the maize C-4 pyruvate,orthophosphate dikinase gene directs cell- and tissue-specific transcription in transgenic maize plantsTaniguchi, M.; Izawa, K.; Ku, M.S.B.; Lin, J.H.; Saito, H.; Ishida, Y.; Ohta, S.; Komari, T.; Matsuoka, M.; Sugiyama, T.-
142011Exogenous catechin increases antioxidant enzyme activity and promotes flooding tolerance in tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.)Yiu, J.C.; Tseng, M.J.; Liu, C.W.-
152003Comparison of the effects of kanamycin and geneticin on regeneration of papaya from root tissueYu, T.A.; Yeh, S.D.; Yang, J.S.-
162008Application of a preliminary screen to select locally adapted resistant rootstock and soil amendment for integrated management of tomato bacterial wilt in TaiwanLin, C.H.; Hsu, S.T.; Tzeng, K.C.; Wang, J.F.-
172008First report of begonia chlorotic ringspot caused by Zucchini yellow mosaic virus in TaiwanChen, Y.K.; Hong, Y.H.-
182007First report of Capsicum chlorosis virus causing yellow stripes on Calla lilies in TaiwanChen, C.C.; Huang, C.H.-
192012First Report of Bidens mottle virus Causing Mosaic and Leaf Deformation in Garland Chrysanthemum and Lettuce in TaiwanChen, Y.K.; Lee, J.Y.-
202011First Report of Group 16SrXII Phytoplasma Associated with Papaya Yellows in TaiwanBau, H.J.; Hung, S.C.; Chang, W.C.; Chen, Y.K.-
212011First Report of Gummosis Disease of Japanese Apricot Caused by Botryosphaeria dothidea in TaiwanKo, Y.; Liu, C.W.; Chen, S.S.; Chiu, K.Y.; Sun, Y.W.; Maruthasalam, S.-
222003First report of Carnation mottle virus in Calla lily (Zantedeschia spp.)Chen, C.C.; Ko, W.F.; Lin, C.Y.; Jan, F.J.; Hsu, H.T.-
232012First Report of Passiflora virus Y Infecting Macroptilium atropurpureum in TaiwanChiang, C.H.; Fan, Y.T.; Yu, T.A.; Cheng, Y.H.; Chen, Y.K.-
242007A Pseudomonas syringae pv. tomato DC3000 mutant lacking the type III effector HopQ1-1 is able to cause disease in the model plant Nicotiana benthamianaWei, C.F.; Kvitko, B.H.; Shimizu, R.; Crabill, E.; Alfano, J.R.; Lin, N.C.; Martin, G.B.; Huang, H.C.; Collmer, A.-
252006Molecular characterization of a distinct tomato-infecting begomovirus associated with yellow leaf curl diseased tomato in Lembang, Java Island of IndonesiaTsai, W.S.; Shih, S.L.; Green, S.K.; Jan, F.J.-
262010First Report of Cucumber mosaic virus on Vigna marina in TaiwanDeng, T.C.; Tsai, C.H.; Tsai, H.L.; Liao, J.Y.; Huang, W.C.-
272009First Report of Pepper veinal mottle virus in Tomato and Pepper in TaiwanCheng, Y.H.; Wang, R.Y.; Chen, C.C.; Chang, C.A.; Jan, E.J.-
282009First Report of Stem-End Rot of Mango Caused by Phomopsis mangiferae in TaiwanKo, Y.; Liu, C.W.; Chen, C.Y.; Maruthasalam, S.; Lin, C.H.-
292011Identification of Carnation mottle virus from Lisianthus Plants in TaiwanChen, Y.K.; Chang, Y.S.; Chen, C.C.-
302008LZF1, a HY5-regulated transcriptional factor, functions in Arabidopsis de-etiolationChang, C.S.J.; Li, Y.H.; Chen, L.T.; Chen, W.C.; Hsieh, W.P.; Shin, J.; Jane, W.N.; Chou, S.J.; Choi, G.; Hu, J.M.; Somerville, S.; Wu, S.H.-
312009The sequences of Arabidopsis GA-INSENSITIVE RNA constitute the motifs that are necessary and sufficient for RNA long-distance traffickingHuang, N.C.; Yu, T.S.-
322000The evolution of C4 plants: acquisition of cis-regulatory sequences in the promoter of C4-type pyruvate, orthophosphate dikinase geneNomura, M.; Sentoku, N.; Nishimura, A.; Lin, J.H.; Honda, C.; Taniguchi, M.; Ishida, Y.; Ohta, S.; Komari, T.; Miyao-Tokutomi, M.; Kano-Murakami, Y.; Tajima, S.; Ku, M.S.B.; Matsuoka, M.-
332008Mutation of the Arabidopsis NRT1.5 Nitrate Transporter Causes Defective Root-to-Shoot Nitrate TransportLin, S.H.; Kuo, H.F.; Canivenc, G.; Lin, C.S.; Lepetit, M.; Hsu, P.K.; Tillard, P.; Lin, H.L.; Wang, Y.Y.; Tsai, C.B.; Gojon, A.; Tsay, Y.F.-
342006Interaction between rice MYBGA and the gibberellin response element controls tissue-specific sugar sensitivity of alpha-amylase genesChen, P.W.; Chiang, C.M.; Tseng, T.H.; Yu, S.M.-
352006The RNA polymerase II gene (RPB2) in Phaeosphaeria nodorumMalkus, A.; Chang, P.; Arseniuk, E.; Ueng, P.-
362000On the construction of orbits homoclinic to plane waves in integrable coupled nonlinear Schrodinger systemsForest, M.G.; Sheu, S.P.; Wright, O.C.-
372011The Defective Proteasome but Not Substrate Recognition Function Is Responsible for the Null Phenotypes of the Arabidopsis Proteasome Subunit RPN10Lin, Y.L.; Sung, S.C.; Tsai, H.L.; Yu, T.T.; Radjacommare, R.; Usharani, R.; Fatimababy, A.S.; Lin, H.Y.; Wang, Y.Y.; Fua, H.-
381998Development of insect-resistant transgenic cauliflower plants expressing the trypsin inhibitor gene isolated from local sweet potatoDing, L.C.; Hu, C.Y.; Yeh, K.W.; Wang, P.J.-
392006Transgenic Acacia sinuata from Agrobacterium tumefaciens-mediated transformation of hypocotylsVengadesan, G.; Amutha, S.; Muruganantham, M.; Anand, R.P.; Ganapathi, A.-
402000Efficient rooting for establishment of papaya plantlets by micropropagationYu, T.A.; Yeh, S.D.; Cheng, Y.H.; Yang, J.S.-
412006Organogenesis of Phaseolus angularis L.: high efficiency of adventitious shoot regeneration from etiolated seedlings in the presence of N6-benzylaminopurine and thidiazuronMohamed, S.V.; Sung, J.M.; Jeng, T.L.; Wang, C.S.-
422009Control of lethal browning of tissue culture plantlets of Cavendish banana cv. Formosana with ascorbic acidKo, W.H.; Su, C.C.; Chen, C.L.; Chao, C.P.-
432012DNA methylation and genome rearrangement characteristics of phase change in cultured shoots of Sequoia sempervirensHuang, L.C.; Hsiao, L.J.; Pu, S.Y.; Kuo, C.I.; Huang, B.L.; Tseng, T.C.; Huang, H.J.; Chen, Y.T.-
442000Characterization of a virus infecting lisianthusChen, C.C.; Chen, Y.K.; Hsu, H.T.-
452005Allamanda mosaic caused by Cucumber mosaic virus in TaiwanChen, Y.K.; Yang, C.C.; Hsu, H.T.-
462007Effect of oriental medicinal plant extracts on spore germination of Alternaria brassicicola and nature of inhibitory substances from speedweedHo, W.C.; Wu, T.Y.; Su, H.J.; Ko, W.H.-
472010Cytosine methylation changes in the ice plant Ppc1 promoter during transition from C-3 to Crassulacean acid metabolismHuang, N.C.; Li, C.H.; Lee, J.Y.; Yen, H.E.-
482008Generation and analyses of the transgenic potatoes expressing heterologous thermostable beta-amylaseLin, K.H.; Fu, H.Y.; Chan, C.H.; Lo, H.F.; Shih, M.C.; Chang, Y.M.; Chen, L.F.O.-
492012Genomic characterization of Calla lily chlorotic spot virus and design of broad-spectrum primers for detection of tospovirusesChen, T.C.; Li, J.T.; Lin, Y.P.; Yeh, Y.C.; Kang, Y.C.; Huang, L.H.; Yeh, S.D.-
502012Formation of highly branched hyphae by Colletotrichum acutatum within the fruit cuticles of Capsicum sppLiao, C.Y.; Chen, M.Y.; Chen, Y.K.; Kuo, K.C.; Chung, K.R.; Lee, M.H.-
Results 1-50 of 3906 (Search time: 0.035 seconds).