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標題: Cu2-xS quantum dot-sensitized solar cells
作者: Lin, M.C.
Lee, M.W.
關鍵字: Quantum dots
Solar cells
Copper sulfide
Successive ionic layer
adsorption and reaction
cus thin-films
期刊/報告no:: Electrochemistry Communications, Volume 13, Issue 12, Page(s) 1376-1378.
摘要: In this study we report on the photovoltaic performance of Cu2-xS (x = 1, 0.03) quantum-dot (QD) sensitized liquid-junction solar cells. The QDs were grown with successive ionic layer adsorption and reaction. The CuS phase in the as-grown QDs was transformed into Cu1.97S after annealing. The assembled Cu1.97S cells yielded a best power conversion efficiency eta of 0.90% under illumination of 100 mW/cm(2). The CuS cell had an eta similar to 75% lower than that of Cu1.97S. The external quantum efficiency (EQE) spectrum of Cu1.97S covers the spectral range of 350-1100 nm with a maximal EQE of 63% at gimel = 500 nm and an average EQE of 47% over the entire spectral range. This spectral range is also two times broader than that of N3 dye. The results show that Cu2-xS QDs can be used as highly efficient broadband sensitizers for solar cells. (C) 2011 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.
ISSN: 1388-2481
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