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標題: Feature design on deformation of freeform surfaces using range control
作者: Chuang, S.H.F.
Huang, C.L.
關鍵字: B-spline surface
characteristic point
feature-based design
surface deformation
期刊/報告no:: Engineering with Computers, Volume 14, Issue 2, Page(s) 178-184.
摘要: This research is to develop a freeform surface design method which uses feature-based design approach to process surface deformation. Using this method called range control, a user modifies or changes the position of a characteristic control point of the control polyhedron for a B-spline surface, and regional surface deformation is then carried out through automatic displacements of a group of control points surrounding the characteristic point. The position changes of the group of control points are the interpolations of the maximum movement of the characteristic point related to a feature dimension and zero movements of some fixed points on the designated boundary. In this range control surface deformation method, three interpolating approaches are proposed to smooth out the changes between the characteristic vertex and fixed vertices. They are based on the linear interpolation under the consideration of index, distance and angle distributions. The ideas are implemented on a feature-based designing system for shoe lasts. Design examples ale given to shore that the range control method is simple, fast and practically applicable for shape deformation of freeform surfaces.
ISSN: 0177-0667
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