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標題: Role of intermediaries in technology transfer in the logging industry: A case study with portable timber bridges
作者: Shiau, R.J.
Smith, R.L.
Cesa, E.T.
期刊/報告no:: Forest Products Journal, Volume 51, Issue 5, Page(s) 17-24.
摘要: Intermediaries in the logging industry were surveyed to evaluate their role in the transfer of technology. These individuals play the important role of transferring information from developers of technology to the potential users of technology. Intermediaries, pre-identified by loggers, included state agencies (foresters), industry foresters, marketing professionals in private companies, officers in trade associations, and extension specialists. This study identified that intermediaries from different professional groups have different preferred sources for learning about new technology, effective methods for disseminating new information, factors influencing their decisions to disseminate new information, and factors in the promotion of portable timber bridges. It is very difficult to develop a unified channel strategy to fit every intermediary. However, understanding the differences among those intermediaries is essential in order to promote portable timber bridge technology. Overall, personal visits, trade shows, short courses, and workshops were preferred by respondents in terms of effective methods for disseminating new technology information. The Internet was rated lowest.
ISSN: 0015-7473
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