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標題: Ionophores have limited effects on jejunal glucose absorption and energy metabolism in mice
作者: Fan, Y.K.
Croom, J.
Eisen, E.J.
Spires, H.R.
Daniel, L.R.
關鍵字: absorption
laidlomycin propionate
期刊/報告no:: Journal of Animal Science, Volume 81, Issue 8, Page(s) 2072-2079.
摘要: Two experiments, Trial 1 (in vitro) and Trial 2 (in vivo), were conducted to examine the effects of ionophores, monensin, laidlomycin, and laidlomycin propionate on whole-animal 02 consumption, organ weights, jejunal glucose absorption, and 02 utilization, as well as growth, feed and water consumption, and feed efficiency. In Trial 1, 30 male Swiss-Webster mice, 8 wk old, were used to measure the in vitro effects of each of the ionophores at concentrations of 1.62 or 16.2 mM. Six combinations of three ionophores at two concentrations resulted in a total of eight treatments. All eight treatments were exposed to jejunal. rings from a single mouse for a total of 30 observations per treatment. Jejunal rings were exposed to each ionophore treatment for 15 min. Laidlomycin propionate (16.2 ni-M) decreased (P < 0.02) glucose absorption, as estimated by H-3 -3-O-methyl glucose uptake compared with all other treatments, whereas laidlomycin propionate (1.62 mM) increased (P = 0.032) jejunal DM content compared with 16.2 mM laidlomycin propionate. In Trial 2, 40 5-wk-old mice were allotted into four treatments-control and 16.2 mM each of monensin, laidlomycin, and laidlomycin propionate-for a total of 10 observations per treatment. lonophores were administered via the drinking water for 14 d. No ionophore treatment had any effect on whole-mouse 02 consumption. Monensin increased (P = 0.004) stomach size and decreased (P = 0.049) the efficiency of BW gain compared with controls. Laidlomycin propionate decreased (P = 0.032) the percentage of whole jejunum oxygen consumption due to oubain-sensitive respiration compared with control. The efficiency of intestinal glucose absorption was not changed due to treatment in either trial. Under the conditions of these studies, monensin, laidlomycin, and laidlomycin propionate had minimal and inconsistent effects on 3 jejunal function and energy utilization in mice. This investigation suggests that changes in the energetic requirements of animals treated with ionophores are not an issue in animal production.
ISSN: 0021-8812
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