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標題: Mitochondria transfer can enhance the murine embryo development
作者: Yi, Y.C.
Chen, M.J.
Ho, J.Y.P.
Guu, H.F.
Ho, E.S.C.
關鍵字: mitochondria
human unfertilized oocytes
cytoplasmic transfer
arrested embryos
ooplasm donation
期刊/報告no:: Journal of Assisted Reproduction and Genetics, Volume 24, Issue 10, Page(s) 445-449.
摘要: Purpose To evaluate the effect of mitochondrial transfer on embryonic development. Materials and methods Mitochondria concentrates were collected from murine hepatocytes and fertilized murine zygotes from young and older mice in the 2PN stage were subjected to mitochondrial transfer and cultured in vitro to evaluate the embryonic development. Results After extended in vitro culture, 37.65% and 20.91% embryos from the young mice developed to the blastocyst stage in the injected and control groups respectively, which is statistically significant. There was no difference in terms of hatching rates (1.76% and 1.82% respectively). Zygotes from the older mice (> 20 weeks old) that received mitochondrial transfer also had a better developmental outcome than the control group (54.35% and 18.92% developed to morula stage, 43.48% and 8.11% developed to the blastocyst stage respectively), which is statistically significant. Conclusions Our results for the murine model provide direct scientific evidence that mitochondrial transfer improves embryonic development. However, potential risks such as mitochondrial heteroplasmy, nuclear-mitochondrial interaction and epigenetic aspects all deserve further evaluation before mitochondrial transfer is applied clinically.
ISSN: 1058-0468
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