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標題: 一本擬態的小說: 論威廉高德溫的 《凱樂柏 ˙ 威廉斯》
A Mimicry Novel: On William Goldwin''s The Adventures of Caleb Williams
作者: 林育群
關鍵字: 論威廉高德溫的 《凱樂柏 ˙ 威廉斯》
On William Goldwin''''s The Adventures of Caleb Williams
出版社: 外國語文學系
摘要: Abstract William Godwin and his novel Caleb Williams, or Things as They Are (1794), now receive more attention than before because Godwin himself is a controversial figure in history and so is his novel. In content, this novel is pretty simple and linear in its autobiographical narration by the first person narration. The atmosphere in it is extremely gloomy and peevish and the plots are recurrently going on with the repetition of persecution. Thus, the first impression Caleb Williams gives to the reader is that it is a stiff and dull novel. Nevertheless, there is the great energy of reaching out to seek a further interpretation of Caleb Williams if we compare it to many historical factors. To our surprise, Caleb Williams is inserted by William Godwin's implications to expose the injustice and false of the all mighty “reason” prevailing in Europe in the 18th century. Steven Blackmore in his Intertextual War indicates that there is a war mainly led by Mary Wollstonecraft and Tomas Paine whose works are devoted to challenging representative of “reason,” Edmund Burke. However, it is a pity that Blackmore does not count William Godwin and his Caleb Williams as one member of this war. Through a careful reading and comparison, I find Caleb Williams is rich in psychological observation of human mind. This novel actually is a great shot to confront the negative aspects of the civilization of human society. The bridge of Caleb Williams and his contemporary society is also Edmund Burke. This implication makes it an allegorical novel to parody not only Burke but also proves that the novel carries the sense of modernity in the age when novel is blooming.
中文摘要 威廉˙高德溫跟他的小說: 凱樂柏˙ 威廉斯 (事情本就如此) 1974年出版, 由於跟高德溫跟他的小說都在歷史上充滿了爭議性, 所以現今他們贏得了比以往更多的注意。 在內容, 這本小說其實相當的簡單 它用的是直線性的第一人稱的自傳性敘述。 而透過劇情的發展中一直重複不斷的迫害事件發生, 它營造了一種極度低迷陰沉的氣氛。 因此 凱樂柏˙ 威廉斯 給讀者的第一印象通常都是它是一本僵硬的而且是枯燥的小說。 然而, 只要我們透過對歷史當代事件因素的比較, 不難發現 凱樂柏˙ 威廉斯 擁有著向外尋求詮釋的能量。 令人吃驚的是, 凱樂柏˙ 威廉斯 其實早已被威廉高德溫給植入了他的指涉跟暗示, 要來揭露18世紀歐洲充斥的理性全能致上中的謬誤跟不義。 史提夫布雷克莫 在他的 內文的戰役一書中提到有一場文字戰爭由瑪莉˙ 沃史東克雷芙特, 湯瑪斯˙潘 還有麥金塔及其著作所引領的戰爭來對抗 “理性” 的代言人, 也就是愛德莫˙柏克。 可惜的是 布雷克莫並沒有把高德溫和凱樂柏˙ 威廉斯 給納入這場的戰爭中的一員。 透過了仔細的閱讀跟比較 我發現凱樂柏˙ 威廉斯 不只是在人類心理觀察上有著豐富的內涵。 這本小說實質上 可以說是一種以正面來對抗人類文明社會中陰暗面的偉大嘗試。 而這本書跟他當時所指涉的社會之中的橋樑, 也正是愛德莫˙柏克。 因此這樣的指涉使得它不只是一本諷刺愛德莫˙柏克的寓言式小說, 也使它成為一本在早期小說才剛萌芽綻放的年代就達到了現代感的著作。
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