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標題: Treatment of complex heavy metal wastewater using a multi-staged ferrite process
作者: Tu, Y.J.
Chang, C.K.
You, C.F.
Wang, S.L.
關鍵字: Complex heavy metal wastewater
Multi-staged ferrite process
low-cost adsorbents
acid-mine drainage
chemical precipitation
membrane filtration
fe(oh)2 suspensions
期刊/報告no:: Journal of Hazardous Materials, Volume 209, Page(s) 379-384.
摘要: Complete removal of heavy metal from complex heavy-metal wastewater (CHMW) requires advanced technology. This study investigated the feasibility of a multi-staged ferrite process (MSFP) for treating CHMW, containing Cd, Cu, Pb, Cr, Zn, Ag, Hg, Ni, Sn and Mn. Our experimental results showed that most of the supernatants after conventional single-step ferrite process could conform to the effluent standard of Environmental Protection Administration in Taiwan. However, the sludge could not satisfy the toxicity characteristic leaching procedure (TCLP) limits due to high Cd. Cu, and Pb concentrations. The performance of MSFP in removing heavy metals from wastewater was subsequently investigated and the parameters of three treating steps in MSFP were optimized under 70 degrees C and 90 degrees C at pH 9, and 80 degrees C at pH 10. After the three-staged procedures, all heavy metals in supernatant and sludge could fulfill the contamination levels regulated by law. In addition, the sludge generated from the MSFP was examined by XRD and forms a stable spinel structure, which could be effectively separated by external magnetic field. (C) 2012 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.
ISSN: 0304-3894
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