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標題: The Effect of Laser Preexposure on Seeding Endothelial Cells to a Biomaterial Surface
作者: Hsu, S.H.
Fu, K.Y.
Huang, T.B.
Tsai, I.J.
Yen, C.Y.
關鍵字: in-vitro
vascular grafts
期刊/報告no:: Photomedicine and Laser Surgery, Volume 28.
摘要: Objective: In this study, the possible effect of low-level laser (LLL) on improving the adhesion of endothelial cells (ECs) to a biomaterial substrate was evaluated. Background Data: Despite the numerous studies regarding the effects of LLL on biologic systems, the influence of LLL on the binding between cells and materials was rarely investigated. Materials and Methods: A low-power He-Ne laser apparatus with a continuous wavelength of 632.8 nm (a maximum power output of 50 mW) was used. The average irradiation energy on cells was 1.18 J/cm(2). Cell morphology and the concentrations of nitric oxide and calcium after laser exposure were measured. Biomedical grade poly(carbonate) urethane (PU) was synthesized and used to prepare microporous vascular grafts. ECs exposed to laser were harvested and seeded on the PU grafts. No further exposure was given. Results: LLL could change the morphology and increase the matrix secretion of ECs, and such effects persisted when preexposed cells were harvested and seeded to another substrate. The number of ECs attached on the biomaterial substrate was not affected. Preexposed ECs on the PU graft, however, were, on average, more resistant to flushing (i.e., greater cell retention). Conclusion: ECs were pretreated with LLL before being seeded onto the PU biomaterial vascular grafts. The retention of LLL-preexposed ECs on the graft surface was enhanced, but not as significantly as that of ECs preexposed to low-intensity ultrasound.
ISSN: 1549-5418
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