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標題: Effects of osmotic- and high-light stresses on PSII efficiency of attached and detached leaves of three tree species adapted to different water regimes
作者: Weng, J.H.
Chien, C.T.
Chen, C.W.
Lai, X.M.
關鍵字: abscisic acid
Acacia confusa
chlorophyll fluorescence
osmotic stress
Salix warburgii
chlorophyll fluorescence
hydraulic conductance
antioxidant enzymes
xanthophyll cycle
deficit stress
xylem sap
期刊/報告no:: Photosynthetica, Volume 49, Issue 4, Page(s) 555-563.
摘要: Abscisic acid (ABA), an important chemical signal from roots, causes physiological changes in leaves, including stomata closure and photoprotection. Furthermore, endogenous ABA concentration in leaves and stomatal behavior vary with the species adapted to different water regimes. In this study, Ficus microcarpa, a hemiepiphyte, Salix warburgii, a hygrophyte, and Acacia confusa, a mesophyte, were used to elucidate the effects of leaf detachment on photosystem II (PSII) efficiency under osmotic- and high-light stresses. Results indicate that, under osmotic- and high-light stresses, PSII efficiency of the detached leaves was lower than that of the attached leaves for all three tree species, when compared at the same levels of stomatal resistance and leaf water potential. Exogenous ABA could mitigate the PSII efficiency decrease of detached F. microcarpa leaves under osmotic- and high-light stresses. Yet, the osmotic stress could raise endogenous ABA concentration in the attached, but not in the detached F. microcarpa leaves. In addition, partial root-zone drying exerted a significant effect on stomatal behavior but not on the water status of F. microcarpa leaves. These observations imply that the stronger ability of PSII in the attached leaves of F. microcarpa under osmoticand high-light stresses was probably due to the protective action of ABA from roots. On the contrary, endogenous ABA level of S. warburgii leaves was very low. In addition, partial root-zone drying produced no significant effect on its stomatal behavior. Therefore, PSII in attached S. warburgii leaves was possibly protected from the damaging effects of excess absorbed energy by signals other than ABA, which were transported from the roots.
ISSN: 0300-3604
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