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標題: Comparison of the effects of kanamycin and geneticin on regeneration of papaya from root tissue
作者: Yu, T.A.
Yeh, S.D.
Yang, J.S.
關鍵字: adventitious roots
conversion rate
agrobacterium-mediated transformation
allium-cepa l.
transgenic plants
efficient transformation
期刊/報告no:: Plant Cell Tissue and Organ Culture, Volume 74, Issue 2, Page(s) 169-178.
摘要: Kanamycin and geneticin are commonly used for the selection of neomycin phosphotransferase II (npt II) transformed plants. Since papaya tissue is sensitive to both antibiotics, it is difficult to explore their effects on the regeneration process solely based on using non-transformed tissues. Adventitious roots derived from npt II-transgenic and non-transgenic papaya shoots in vitro were used as explants in this investigation. The effects of kanamycin and geneticin on callus formation, embryogenesis, and conversion of somatic embryos to shoots were compared. Callus growth derived from npt II-transformed root explants was apparently enhanced on kanmycin within 50-200 mg l(-1) or on geneticin within 12.5-50 mg l(-1) as compared to those on antibiotic-free controls. The percentages of npt II-transformed somatic embryo-forming callus were not significantly different (16.3-18.3%) on geneticin less than 6.25 mg l(-1) and only slightly reduced (11.2-15.7%) on geneticin within 12.5-50 mg l(-1), whereas, formation of somatic embryos was strongly suppressed on kanamycin media. Conversion rates of npt II-transformed somatic embryos to shoots were not significantly different among all kanamycin or geneticin treatments. Percentages of the callus derived from non-transformed root explants were greatly reduced on the medium containing more than 25 mg l(-1) kanamycin or geneticin, and no somatic embryos formed from untransformed callus on any kanamycin or geneticin media. Our results indicated that somatic embryogenesis of callus derived from npt II-transformed root explants of papaya was strongly inhibited by kanamycin. Thus, to regenerate npt II-transformed cells from papaya root tissue, we recommend using the lower concentration geneticin (12.5-25 mg l(-1)) to avoid the adverse effects of kanamycin on embryogenesis.
ISSN: 0167-6857
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