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標題: Kernel handling performance of an automatic grain quality inspection system
作者: Wan, Y.N.
關鍵字: automatic machine
machine vision
grain quality
image processing
digital image-analysis
software separation
computer vision
machine vision
corn kernels
期刊/報告no:: Transactions of the Asae, Volume 45, Issue 2, Page(s) 369-377.
摘要: An automatic kernel handling system, consisting of on automatic inspection machine and an image-processing unit, was developed for machine vision inspection of grain quality The system could continually, present matrix-positioned grain kernels to CCD cameras, singularize each kernel image from the background, and discharge kernels to assigned containers. The inspection machine had scattering and positioning devices, a photographing station, a parallel discharging device, and a continuous conveyer belt with carrying holes for the grain kernels. The image-processing unit and the inspection machine were designed to work concurrently to provide high throughput of individual kernel images. The complete system was tested using rice, wheat, Job's-tear, and sorghum. Results indicated that the system could consecutively provide clear kernel images for high-speed quality, inspection. The average fill ratio of the carrying holes was approximately 90%. The parallel discharging device sorted grain kernels into the proper containers with an average accuracy over 99%. The system could process grain kernels at speeds of up to 1899 kernels per minute with one camera and 1296 kernels per minute with two cameras.
ISSN: 0001-2351
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