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標題: Adsorption of copper in the different sorbent/water ratios of soil systems
作者: Chang, T.W.
Wang, M.K.
Lin, C.
關鍵字: adsorption
adsorption coefficients
sorbent/water ratio
stagnant phase
organic-chemical sorption
sediment concentration
water systems
期刊/報告no:: Water Air and Soil Pollution, Volume 138, Issue 1-4, Page(s) 199-209.
摘要: While sorbate/sorbent, sorbate/water, and sorbent/water (S/W) ratios in a batch system are known to affect the adsorption of sorbate, the effect of different S/W ratios on the adsorption of inorganic sorbates has seldom been addressed. This study investigates the adsorption phenomena of Cu2+ in different sorbate/sorbent/water ratios in a batch system. Batch experiments are performed to examine the adsorption, and the linear (K-D), Langmuir (K-L), and Freundlich (K-F) adsorption coefficients of Cu2+ in lateritic soil. These experiments are conducted using solutions with initial concentrations of 0.5 to 50 mg Cu2+ L-1 equilibrated with an appropriate amount of soil to give S/W ratios of 0.1 to 2 g mL(-1). Although the variations in the sorbed amount and adsorption coefficients apparently originate from a change in the sorbate/sorbent/water ratio, only the equilibrium concentration significantly affects adsorption. On the other hand, the linear and Langmuir isotherm cannot adequately describe the adsorption data. In this study, the Freundlich equation gave an excellent fit to the adsorption data with a goodness-of-fit (R-2) > 0.984. However, adsorption isotherms should be regarded as only a curve-fitting model or a mathematical tool and cannot be employed to interpret any particular adsorption mechanism. Meanwhile, the solids effect reveals that K-F and maximum adsorption (b) of the Langmuir equation increase when S/W ratio decreases. The sorbate in the stagnant phase must be considered as part of the equilibrium concentration in the solid phase to avoid underestimating the sorbed amount at a lower S/W ratio and/or a higher sorbate concentration level.
ISSN: 0049-6979
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