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標題: 高可靠度及低漏電流之非對稱式非晶矽薄膜電晶體
High reliability and low leakage current of asymmetric amorphous silicon thin film transistor
作者: 黃志鴻
C.H.Huang, C.H.Huang
關鍵字: 非晶矽薄膜電晶體
出版社: 電機工程學系
摘要: 本論文主要探討在現有基礎上,利用電漿再處理製程(plasma treatment),把通道因為作乾蝕刻被高能電漿所造成的破壞修復,進而改善薄膜電晶體漏電流及可靠度問題。針對目前五道光罩後通道蝕刻的製程步驟,進行電漿再處理製程最佳化及最適當處理點之研究,期能找出最好的製程條件,增加低成本的四道光罩製程的可行性。 雖然後通道蝕刻的薄膜電晶體,有製程簡單步驟即可完成的優點,但是因為通道暴露於乾蝕刻的高能電漿(High energy plasma)環境下,會破壞通道內非晶矽的鍵結,造成薄膜電晶體的漏電流偏高、可靠度變差的負面影響,進而造成整個顯示器的光學表現變差,此項嚴重問題急需克服。 在電漿處理方面,我們將以完成三道光罩裸露出非晶矽薄膜層且未經電漿處理的電晶體用NH3 、N2O、H2、H2加N2等氣體加以處理,而後再比較其處理前和處理後之電性的差異,也會比較各種氣體和處理時間及功率等不同的差異,而找出最佳的處理條件。
This paper discusses primarily from the base of present studies using plasma treatment to recover the dry-etching channel damage caused by high energy plasma and improving the leakage current and reliability of TFT. According to current five masks post-channel etching procedure, we perform the researches of most optimum and most proper process point for plasma treatment, hoping to find out the best process condition and increase the ability of low-cost four masks procedure . Although post-channel etching TFT has the advantage of more easy procedure , but the channel is exposed to the dry-etching high energy plasma , it would destroy the amorphous bounding in the channel causing higher leakage current and worse reliability , and also decreases the optical performance of the display. This serious questions need to overcome. About plasma process, we take TFTs which had completed three masks and exposed the amorphous layer never plasma treatment. Then , we process them with different gas like NH3,N2O, H2 and N2 , respectively .Then comparing the electric characteristics between before-process and after- process and compare the process time and power under different gas in order to find out best process condition.
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