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標題: 以馬謝克互動法建構青少年親子互動內涵之研究
The Study of Constructing the Context of Adolescents-Parents' Interaction with Marschak Intervention Method-from Parents' Perceptions
作者: 洪慧涓
Hung, Hui-Chuan
Su, Yu-Lis
Ho, Mei-Hsueng
關鍵字: Attachment Theory
Marschak Interaction Method (MIM)
Parent-child Interaction.
出版社: 臺中市: 國立中興大學師資培育中心
摘要: This research conduct a structured group which base on Marschak Interaction Method to gather the activities of adolescent parents' interactions with their children. The group was consists of eight adolescents' parents who have one or two adolescent children, their age are from 12 to 18 years old. There were one father and seven mothers in the group. The group has six sessions, and used the four constructive concepts of Marschak Interaction Method which are engagement, nurturing, challenging and structure in order to gather the information for understanding the activities that available to adolescents' parents interactions with their children. The research results are as following: 1. Engagement interactions: owing to less understanding adolescent, parents less participate their activities, and parents tend to have the mental status of worrying and manipulating. Joining each entertainments, hobbies and learn from children are suitable for parents. For children, the activities they can join are to show their regards on parents' festival and to join the educational activities. 2. Nurturing interactions: parents would use the chances of children's physical and emotional changes to fit the needs of them and have the connections with them. The activities that parents could nurture their children are physical contacted and children's physical and mental needs met. And children could nurture their parents through physical contacted. 3. Challenging interactions:Set goals for children base on the understandings and expectations of parents. There are academic performances and self disciplines parent expect to their children. 4. Structure interactions:Parents all worry about children's problems of behavioral, academic, and making friends with opposite sex.The results of this study may be the reference of designing the interactive context of MIM for adolescents and adolescents' parenting program. And the data from adolescents' had better be built.
本研究對青少年的親方進行六次的訪談,以團體方式進行,參加成員有八名父母,其中一名是父親,七位為母親,他們是擁有一位或兩位年齡在12到18歲之間的青少年子女。本研究是採質性研究,運用依附理論的馬謝克互動法(Marschk Interaction Method)所建構四類親子互動架構—參與性、撫育性、挑戰性與結構性等互動的內涵,以此四架構作為四次團體焦點訪談的大綱,最後將四次訪談的內容進行資料整理,結果有以下發現:一、參與性的互動,父母可以參與青少年的互動有:共同從事娛樂或嗜好的活動,以及以孩子為師的活動。青少年子女可以參與父母的互動活動有:對父母節日有所表示與參加教育的活動互動等;二、撫育性的互動,父母可進行的活動有:身體上的接觸與身心需求滿足的活動。孩子對父母的撫育性活動則有身體方面的接觸;三、挑戰性的互動,可設定的期待有:學業表現的目標與自制行為的表現等活動;四、結構性的互動,青少年父母困難結構孩子的互動有:青少年的行為問題、課業問題與結交異性朋友等活動。本研究的研究結果可以作為未來編輯馬謝克互動法青少年與父母互動項目與設計增進親子關係青少年親方親職互動方案的參考。
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