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標題: The Knowledge Dissemination of Forest Management and Forest Sustainable Management in Taiwan
作者: Wang, Pei-jung
關鍵字: 學術關係網路
scientific community
research paper
academic relationship network
forest management
摘要: 本文旨在分析台灣森林經營社群的知識擴散及其學術網絡關係。經分析國內四種主要林業期刊得知,大學之研究關係網絡以研究室的導師為核心,不同網絡的研究人員鮮少跨越網絡相互合作。而在唯一的試驗機構中,學術網絡大多受到研究領域的限制,有長期、成員固定的研究團隊型態。由地位-威望法之調查顯示,前16 名最具影響力的人士亦是研究報告生產力最旺盛的一群,其中有13 人在大學任教。由此可知,台灣森林經營科學社群以大學院校與研究機構為主要專業知識與學術報告的產出場域。教授因居於傳道、授業、解惑的指導地位,較其他職位研究者具有更高的影響力。 The study was purposed to analyze the conceptual diffusion and academic network relationship of the scientific community of forest management in Taiwan. After analyzing four famous forestry journals published in Taiwan, we found that supervisors of different laboratories played the core roles in universities’ academic relationship networks. And there was very little collaboration existing among the members of different academic relationship networks. For the only research institute discussed in this study, we noticed that its academic relationship networks were divided approximately in accordance with the distribution of research interests of different groups. Once a network is developed, a long-term cooperation among the members of the network was easily maintained. By the positional-reputational method, we observed that the sixteen most well-known figures in the scientific community also produced great amount of academic reports, while thirteen of them were university teachers. Therefore, the study revealed that universities and research institutes not only formed the main structure of the scientific community of forest management in Taiwan, but also had the best capability of producing professional knowledge and research papers. This study also concluded that the university teachers, who are responsible for educating students, have greater influence to the scientific community than those in other positions.
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