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標題: 電化學陽極氧化法鍍著鈦酸鋇膜
作者: 呂福興
關鍵字: 鈦酸鋇
出版社: 國立中興大學工學院;Airiti Press Inc.
摘要: 本研究是以電化學法於鈦基材以陽極氧化方式鍍著鈦酸鋇膜,電解液為0.5 M的醋酸鋇溶液與2 M氫氧化鈉配製而成,其pH值約為13.5,鍍著溫度則控制在55℃。在固定電量(432C)條件下,分別以5,10,20,30,40 mA定電流進行鍍著時,由X光繞射結果顯示10 mA會先生成二氧化鈦(金紅石相),而電流大於20 mA時可鍍著出單一立方相的鈦酸鋇膜,30 mA時更可形成厚達20μm的鈦酸鋇膜。另外以定電流30mA,不同時間(0.5,0.75,1,2,4小時)進行鍍著時,在0.5小時也會先生成二氧化鈦,鍍著時間大於0.75小時則生成鈦酸鋇膜。另由電解電壓與鍍著時間變化曲線,配合X光繞射結果,發現當電壓小於60V時,主要是在鈦表面上先生成二氧化鈦,此二氧化鈦可能是鈦酸鋇形成之前趨物。當電壓大於60 V而低於介電崩潰電壓前,則出現均勻分布的小顆粒鈦酸鋇,其形成機制可能是經由溶解─再結晶。而到達介電崩潰電壓時,則會出現不規則分佈且具有彈坑狀孔洞的大顆粒鈦酸鋇,其反應機制則可能是由於陽極火花放電所致。
The objective of this research is to synthesize BaTiO□ films by anodic oxidation galvanostatically in the electrolyte of 0.5 M Ba(CH□COO)□ with 2 M NaOH. The pH value was adjusted to be about 13.5 and the deposition temperature was controlled at 55°C. We firstly prepared the films at fixed electric charge of 432 C in the different constant current range of 5-10 mA. XRD results showed that TiO□ (rutile phase) was present at 10 mA and cubic BaTiO□ films could be obtained at currents above 20 mA. The thickness of BaTiO□ films could reach 20 μm at 30 mA. The Ti anodes were then electrolyzed at constant current of 30 mA with various deposition times from 0.5 to 4 hr. XRD results showed that TiO□ existed at 0.5 hr and BaTiO□ appeared at electrolytic time over 0.75 hr. From the XRD results associated with the variations of electrolytic voltage with electrolytic time, we found that TiO□ phase, which is a precursor prior to the formation of BaTiO□ appeared at voltages below 60 V. BaTiO□ films with uniformly distributed small grain sizes formed at voltages above 60 V and below the dielectric breakdown voltage. The growth mechanism of BaTiO□ could attribute to the dissolution-recrystallization. BaTiO□ films with crater shaped large grains formed when voltages reached a dielectric breakdown voltage, which could be due to the anodic spark deposition mechanism.
ISSN: 1017-4397
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