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標題: 波浪非線性效應對波浪引致土壤及海底埋管反應之影響探討:GFEM-WSSI之應用
Effects of Wave Non-Linearity on the Wave-Induced Response of Soil and Buried Pipeline: Application of GFEM-WSSI
作者: 鄭東生
關鍵字: 波浪非線性效應
出版社: 國立中興大學工學院;Airiti Press Inc.
摘要: 海底埋管之穩定設計為一重大工程。大部份往昔相關研究僅考量埋管附近線性波浪引致之土壤反應。然而,眾所諸知,線性波浪理論僅適用於小波浪之情形,於較大波浪作用下(如暴風)則不再適用。來研究之主要重點乃在探討波浪非線性效應對波浪引土壤反應及埋管內應力之影響。同時,管壁厚度之的亦一併探討。由本文結果得知,波浪非線性效應對土壤應力及管壁內應力之影響頗為顯著。
Design of a submarine pipeline regarding its stability is an important task for coastal geotechnical engineers. Most previous investigations have only concerned with the soil response around a buried pipeline due to linear progressive ocean wavers, even though the linear wave theory has been reported to be only valid for small amplitude waves in the literature. In this paper, the general finite element model for the wave-seabed-structure interaction (GFME-WSSI) proposed by the first author is adopted to investigate the interaction between non-linear ocean waves, a buried pipeline and a porous seabed. Based on the proposed model, a parametric study is performed to investigate the effects of wave non-linearity and pipe thickness on the pore pressure and internal stresses around the pipeline. Numerical results show that the influence of non-linear wave components is not always negligible without substantial error, especially for large wave steepness in shallow water. Moreover, the internal stresses within the buried pipeline increase significantly as the thickness of the pipeline decreases.
ISSN: 1017-4397
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