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標題: 802.16d-PKM協定於MPC8347 開發板上之實現
Implementation of 802.16d-PKM Protocol On MPC8347 Board
作者: 鍾坤霖
Chung, Kun-Lin
關鍵字: Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access (WiMAX)
Privacy Key Management (PKM)
Embedded System
Symmetric Ciphers
Asymmetric Ciphers
出版社: 電機工程學系所
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摘要: 微波存取全球互通Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access (WiMAX)[14]是一種新興的無線通訊技術,這項技術的標準規格又稱為IEEE802.16x,WiMAX能提供許多種應用服務,包括最後一里無線寬頻接入、熱點(hotspot)、以及作為商業用途在企業間的高速連線。在概念上類似WiFi,但WiMAX改善了性能,為全球最具潛力之新興通訊技術之一,最大傳輸速度為75Mbps、最大傳輸距離可達50公里,是一種可以實現遠距離傳輸的重要無線通信技術,對個人、家庭與企業的行動化將有很大助益。WiMAX這項無線寬頻新技術的發展,預期可改善傳統無線網路的缺失。 然而安全議題卻因為這項技術的興起而顯得更加重要,本文將使用搭載Freescale公司[15]所生產的MPC8347[12]這顆32位元處理器的嵌入式系統開發板,來實現私鑰管理協定Privacy Key Management (PKM) [13]之安全機制,並使用其硬體加解密之協同處理器,來降低其加解密運算所需之負載,使其提高CPU利用率。
WiMAX[14] is a new and developing wireless communication technology, also known as IEEE802.16x standard. This technology is used in many areas such as delivering the last mile wireless broadband connection, hotsp-ots, and provides the high-speed connection for the businesses purpose. T-he concept of WiMAX is similar to WiFi, but WiMAX improved the functions - the maximum connectivity speed is 75Mbps and the maximum co-nnectivity distance could be 50 kilometers. It is an important technology t-hat can achieve long distance connectivity and amend the drawback of the traditional wireless network. Therefore, WiMAX is expected to very help-ful for the person, family, and business a lot. The security becomes more and more important. The MPC8347 [12] is produced by Freescale [15]. It is an embedded system board with 32-bit processor. This article is going to dis-cuss how the MPCA8347 achieves the WiMAX-PKM [13] a security mech-anism. In addition, it could demonstrate its hardware encryption and decr- yption coprocessor to reduces the loading of encryption/decryption operati- ons and to increase the utilization of CPU.
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