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標題: 自走車視覺導引之走道環境定位分析
Research on the Positioning in the Corridor Environments for the Guidance of a Vision-Based Unmanned Vehicle
作者: 邱培文
Chiu, Pei-Wen
關鍵字: Image Edge Detection
Radon Transform
Vanishing Point
Inverse Perspective Transform.
出版社: 電機工程學系
摘要: 本論文發展一套無人自走車在走道環境之電腦視覺系統。利用照相機成像原理及影像辨識技術,將道路環境的邊界變化情形檢測出來,並配合消失點與逆透視轉換,便可提供自走車正確的導引方向及位置。 為克服環境中走道邊界的不連續狀況,我們結合雷登轉換與加權平均,於影像中找出其有效正確之走道邊界,並利用逆透視轉換與邊界座標轉換之比例關係,透過已知的實地走道寬度,便可求得自走車的距牆位置。 經實驗結果證實,運用走道平行直行的特性,即可獲得足夠的影像特徵資訊來做為自走車正確的導引資訊與決定作業方式。
In this paper, a computer vision system is developed for the guidance of the unmanned vehicle in corridor environments. The boundaries are first detected based on the camera imaging and pattern recognition. Then the guidance of the unmanned vehicle can be guaranteed through the calculations of the vanish point and inverse perspective transformation. In order to overcome the discontinuous edges in an image, the Radon transformation and the weighted averages method are adopted to form the continuous edges. With the ratio of the inverse perspective transformation to the edge coordinate, and the known width of the corridors, we can get the position of the unmanned vehicle and the distance between the unmanned vehicle and the walls. In our experiments, by the use of the characteristics of the parallels of the obtained edges, we can get sufficient image features for the guidance and operation mode of the unmanned vehicle.
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