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標題: IEEE802.11e增強分散式通道存取機制之效能分析
Performance Study on Enhanced Distributed Channel Access (EDCA) for IEEEE 802.11e
作者: 林廷翰
Lin, Ting-Han
關鍵字: IEEEE 802.11e
IEEE 802.11e
出版社: 電機工程學系所
摘要: 在無線網路環境下使用語音傳輸(VoWLAN)將是一個在未來具有相當成長性的應用。因此本實驗的動機便是探討VoIP技術的前瞻性和將其在無線寬頻環境下傳輸的可行性。IEEE 802.11e 的碰撞避免機制是為了讓移動平台(Mobile Station) 在必須同時傳輸語音和一般資料性封包時,可以擁有不同優先權的機制;在此規範中語音封包擁有高於資料封包較先傳送的優先權,因此可以提供較好的網路傳輸品質。我們提出一個改良式避免碰撞機制使用模擬工具ns2來進行模擬。測試的環境是將語音和資料封包在建構式網路(Infrastructure Network)環境下做測試。而實驗的結果證實改良碰撞機制效能會優於傳統802.11 和802.11e。
Motivated by the promising voice over IP technology and the wide service availability of WLANs, the application of voice over WLAN (VoWLAN) is expected to experience a dramatic growth in the near future. The collision resolution mechanism in IEEE 802.11e can support n-users transmitted data flow and voice flow with different priorities. A voice packet flow was set to have higher priority than a data packet flow in this protocol, which made voice flow have better quality performance of network transmission. We have proposed a new collision resolution mechanism experiment which is based on ns2 platform to simulate. Voice and data experiment was setting incorporated under the infrastructure mode. The simulation results show the proposed collision resolution algorithm performance better than the original algorithm under 802.11 and 802.11e.
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