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標題: 微藻自動化生產反應器系統之設計與開發
作者: Shin, Shian-Ming
Su, Jhuo-Cyun
Chen, Jiunn-Ming
Yu, Chung-Chyi
關鍵字: 反應器
Automatic cultivating
出版社: 臺中巿: 國立中興大學農學院
摘要: 本研究旨在設計開發一套自動化微藻類反應器系統,藉以連續生產微藻類細胞;系統主要由培養槽本體、曝氣裝置、pH值回饋控制、攪拌裝置、新培養液儲存槽、進排液控制裝置、溫度控制系統、光照裝置、外部遮蔽本體、可程式邏輯控制器(PLC)自動控制系統及各項感測器等所建構而成,反應器培養槽與新培養液儲存槽之有效水體分別為150與120公升。系統組裝完成後首先進行全光照之空機測試,測試結果獲致攪拌軸轉速可變頻控制在0至60Hz之間,其轉速經實際量測介於0至352.5rpm,同時建立轉速與變頻值之迴歸關係式(y=-0.04899+5.87296x,其中y為轉速、x為變頻值);系統曝氣量之供給可依培養需求設定為0至4l/min;光照條件可依其需要作4、8與12只燈源切換,經量測其光照強度分別為2600、3600與5000lux;系統水體溫度設定27℃時,可保持系統溫度介於25至29℃範圍之間;pH值可經由CO2注入調控在其設定範圍內,目前控制在6.5至7.5pH之間;培養時反應器內培養槽之最佳培養水體為120公升。而本研究所開發之微藻類反應器,進一步以大溪地等鞭金藻實際進行全光照之前導培養試驗,試驗結果顯示系統具有自動化半連續培養微藻之功能,獲致稀釋率25%(30/120)為較佳之半連續式培養模式;且於反應器批次式培養試驗,在3天內可獲致藻細胞濃度約1193×10^4cells/ml。
An automatic cultivating reactor system which can be used to continuously produce the microalgal cells has been designed and developed in this research. The system was constructed and combined together with the parts of the cultivating tank, the aeration equipment, the pH value feedback control device, the stirring device, the new cultivating solution storage unit, the solution inlet and outlet control equipment, the temperature control system, the illumination device, the outer cover unit, the PLC (programmable logical controller) automatic control system and other sensors. The valid capacities of the cultivating tank of the reactor and the storage tank of the new cultivating solution storage unit were 150 and 120 litters, respectively. Through the unloading tests with the set of continuous illumination, the actual rotation speed of the stirring shaft measured was varying between 0 and 352.5 rpm and which could be adjusted and controlled using an indirect circuit frequency controller between frequencies of 0 and 60Hz. A regression equation (y=-0.04899 + 5.87296x where y denoting the rotation speed and x denoting the frequency) between the relation of rotation speed and frequency was also established. According to the need of the cultivating requirements, the air supply amount could be chosen from 0 to 4 l/min and the illumination condition could be changed to 4, 8 or 12 light sources with the illuminance of 2600, 3600 or 5000 lux, respectively. The system temperature could be maintained between 25 and 29℃ while the reactor temperature was set at 27℃. The pH level was also held between the range of 6.5 and 7.5 as controlled by injecting an appropriate amount of the CO2 gas. The optimal cultivating capacity of the reactor was found to be 120 litters. Based on the actual pilot cultivating tests of Isochrysis aff. galbana under continuous illumination, the reactor system of microalgae developed in this research demonstrated the function of automatic semicontinuous cultivations. The pilot testing results also showed that the daily dilution ratio 25% obtained the better cultivation performance. Furthermore, the results obtained from the pilot tests of batch culture using the reacter system also showed that within three days, the density of the algal cells could be achieved up to 1193×10^4 cells/ml.
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