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標題: 從音韻覺識看荷蘭與泉州母語者的尾音指認
Phonological Awareness in the Coda Identification of Dutch and Quanzhou Native Speakers
作者: 朱曼妮
Chu, Man-Ni
關鍵字: 尾音塞音指認
coda identification
phonological awareness
orthographic system
出版社: 臺中市:國立中興大學外國語文學系
摘要: 本研究將從操弄兩種不同噪音程度的尾音塞音,來探討音韻覺識對兩組不同母語的受測者的影響。由於刺激項的尾音訊息對荷蘭人來說較其母語少了釋放的特徵,所以預期的結果是荷蘭人的表現會稍差。但結果顯示,整體而言荷蘭受測者的表現佳於泉州的受測者,我們歸因於是母語本身的拼音系統的缺少,本研究的結論,不止再次確認音韻覺識對於尾音指認正確,具有決定性的影響;也間接某種程度上意味著在尾音塞音的指認上,可能釋放的特色不是那樣決定性影響尾音塞音的指認。
Phonological awareness is used to explain why two different native groups perform differently in a coda identification experiment, where stimuli were manipulated by two levels of noise masking. Due to the lack of released features represented by the stimuli, Dutch natives were expected to perform poorer than the Quanzhou natives. However, the results showed that because of the orthographic system of Dutch, they performed better than Quanzhou natives. The conclusion is not only in line with the previous studies (Morais et al. 1979; Mann 1986; Read et al. 1986; Gelder et al. 1993) about the discussion of the phonological awareness but also implies the unimportance of the released features to coda identification.
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