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標題: Training and Pruning Trials for Guava Tree(Psidium guajava L.)
作者: 黃弼臣
Pi-chen Huang
Shen-wei Weng
關鍵字: 修剪
Guava Tree
摘要: 為研究番石榴整形修剪方法,以期健全樹勢,增進產量品質,調節結果時期,用東山月拔為供試材料,自民國59年(1970)開始,在台中中興大學園藝試驗場設區試驗,整形分自然形與開心形二種,修剪摘心分不留節之強剪,留二節之中剪及留十節之弱剪三種,配合為六處理重複五次進行,經兩年試驗結果,約得於下要點:(1)整形配合修剪進行,以採不多佳人工限制之自然形者,產量較高,(2)摘心修剪在小區試驗中,以留節愈多者,產量品質愈佳,但因修剪強弱不同,樹冠發育大異,如換算為單位面積比較,則留節少而強剪者,因單位面積栽培株數多,產量反而最高,但品質則差,故為兼顧產量品質,以採用留二節之中等程度修剪最合經濟生產目的。(3)修剪影響開花結果頗甚,強剪者,年中結果較為均勻,弱剪者則以秋冬結果為盛,後者頗適合番石榴產期調節之需要。(4)番石榴自然結果,一年中低溫乾燥之冬期及高溫多雨之夏期較少,秋季氣候較適,果大而品質亦佳,故為調節結果時期增進品質,需多注意秋冬期之管理。
Guava trees (cv. tun-san-yua-ba) were Planted in the experimental farm, TCHU, Taichung city in 1970, to study the effect of training and pruning on the tree vigor, fruit yield, fruit quality and harvest period. The results of two years observation were as follows: (1)The natural tree form without too much Pruning was the most desirable form and with high yield. (2)Light pruning trees had fruits with best quality and higher yield but owing to the large tree crown, fewer trees per hactare, resulted in lower yield per hactare, as compared with moderate and heavy pruning trees. (3)Heavy pruning trees bearing fruit evenly the whole year, and light Pruning trees bearing most in Autumn to meet the market need. (4)Grava trees bearing fruit throughout the whole year, with low yield both in cold-dry Winter and hot-rainy Summer. The large and good quality fruits were Autumn fruits. Various farm practices in Autumn and Winter are necessary for a good Productive orchard.
ISSN: 0255-5921
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