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標題: 除根對蘿蔔新梢初期生長之影響
The Influence of Root Removal on the Early Growth of New Shoots of Grapevines
作者: 楊耀祥
Y. S. Yang
Y. Hori
關鍵字: Root Removal
New Shoots
摘要: One third or half of lateral roots of 3-year-old potted ‘Delaware'grapevines were removed after estimating their total accumulated carbon dry weights in late autumn, and the early growth of new shoots was investigated. In the next spring, the time of budbreak and each leaf expanding, the curve of growth rate in length and the water content of new shoot had not any affection by root removal. When the 10th leaf began to expand, the shoot length, the total leaf area and the total carbon dry weight of per shoot appeared in direct proportion to the amount of total accumulated carbon, while the size of inflorescence did not differ significantly with root removal. But the carbon content of inflorescence was less marked in the half root removal than in the one third or the no root removal. The results are considered to indicate that the root removal in autumn is a good method for investigating the relationship between the amount of accumulated carbohydrate and the early growth of new shoots.
3年生盆栽‘Delaware’葡萄植株,於晚秋經推算出其全碳素乾物重之後,將側根除去1/3或1/2以調查不同貯藏碳素量對翌春新梢之初期生長的影響。 萌芽及各葉展開之時間,新梢之水份含量均不受除根的影響。至10葉展開為止,除根處理植株的新梢長、全葉面積及新梢碳素量均隨貯藏碳素量之減少呈同比例的減少,而新梢生長速率曲線變化及新梢對除根後植株的全碳素量之比例並不因除根而有所差異。又花穗之大小,在除根及未除根處理之間雖無明顯的差別,但是1/2除根植株的花穗之碳素含量却顯著地減少。 由試驗結果,可推測貯藏碳水化合物的量雖會影響貯藏物在轉移至新梢的量及新葉同化產物的多少,但是不並不影響二者之(再)轉移率及再轉移的時間過程。
ISSN: 0255-5921
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