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標題: Studies on Children's Playing Facilities of Taichung City
作者: 傅克昌
Lok-Chien Lin
Ker-Chang Fu
關鍵字: Taichung City
Children's Playing Facilities
摘要: 在台中市兒童遊戲設施之量的評估中,顯示台中市現有及計畫之遊戲場之數量尚不足,且分佈甚不平均。在質的評估中,顯示台中市兒童遊戲設施內容極待增加,設施環境極待改善且維護管理工作亦待加強。 要解決台中市兒童遊戲設施之問題,本文建議:1.應加強學校遊戲設施之品質,配合各學區,供該學區兒童使用。2.公園綠地之開發宜考慮兒童遊戲場。3.利用道路設置適當簡單的兒童遊戲設施。4.增加遊場設施之內容。5.加強維護管理工作。6.定期作現有兒童遊戲設施之評估工作。7.考慮設置冒險性遊場。8.提出理想之遊戲場模式供未來遊戲場發展之參考。
The evaluation of quantity on children's playing facilities of Taichung City reveals that the quantity of playground both in existing and planning are insufficient and that distribution is also very unequal. The evaluation of quality reveals that the equipment of playing facility should be increased, environmental criteria should be improved and the task of surpervision and maintenance should be improved too. To solve the problems of children's playing facilities of Taichung City, this thesis proposed : (1) to improve the qulity of playing facility of school, and to provide it as playground for children who live around school, (2) that the development of park should be considered the foundation of playground, (3) to use portion of low intensity road for simple playing facility, (4) to increase the equipment of playing facility, (5) to improve the task of supervision and maintenance, (6) that the evaluation of playing facility should be periodically taken, (7) that adventure playground should be considered to found, (8) that the ideal playground pattern should be provided as a reference for the development of playground.
ISSN: 0255-5921
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