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標題: 南投縣觀光遊憩資源之研究
A Study on the Tourist and Recreational Resources of Nan-Tou Prefecture
作者: Lok-Chien Lin
關鍵字: Nan-Tou Prefecture
Recreational Resources
摘要: In recent years, economic prosperity and industrialization have brought about overpopulation and congestion in the cities. The results are deteacted living environments and poor quality of city life. On the other hand, these social and ecomonic changes bring the public higher income and moreleisure time, which along with the elements mentioned above placing a heavy demand on recreation and tourism. Nan Tou Prefecture can be rated as one of the most promising tourist and recreational areaes in Taiwan. Its simplicity and richness in unique country products would no doubt consolidate its leading position among all the tourist attractions. In the pest, owing to the lack of a careful, over-all blueprinting, development in this region was sketchy and scattered. There was no interconnection among the existing local recreational sites and, therefore all embracing projects could not be launched. In this undertaking, endeavors are made to link the geologically and communicationally related scenic locations into districts, a total of ten such districts are recognized. Each district is further menticulously analyzed and divided. 1. Chung-Hsing Village District. 2. Hui-Sheng Forest. Kuo-Hsing Reservoir District. 3. Pu-Li District. 4. Wu-Sheh District. 5. Sun-Moon Lake District. 6. Shian-Cho-Wan Mounyains. Tung-Chun Mountains District. 7. Tung-Pu District. 8. Feng-Hwang-Ku. Hsi-Tou. Sun-Lin-Hsi District. 9. Chu-Shan. Ching-Shui-Hsi Camp District. 10. Chi-Chi District. Each location should be planned and developed into recreational area to relief the crowdness of existing scenic spots and to enable the development of the above 10 sites of the Nan Tou Prefecture equal in scale. The survey is geared to investigate and analyze the power and weakness of both the developed and the potential landmarks and scenic spots. From this useful suggestions will be provided for future planning and reference.
ISSN: 0255-5921
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