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標題: 工廠造園之研究
Studies on the Factory Landscape Planning
作者: 羅清吉
C. C. Lo
L. C.Lin
關鍵字: Landscape Planning
摘要: 工廠造園計劃乃應用環境規劃設計之理論與方法,針對工廠產業環境之現況,從事工廠戶外空間之安排配置及實施綠化美化,逐步達成環境生態平衡的目標,並且配合工廠員工之身心需求,提供美學的、休憩活動的、教育的多重功能;進而提昇全民生活環境之品質。 本文利用問卷調查法及實施訪規法,分析台灣地區工廠環境之現況及缺失,並徵詢業主及員工的需求與意見,參與國外之研究實力與作法,研擬一套可行的原理、原則及規劃方案,以供參考。同時建議從法規、稅制、勸說、輔導、競賽獎勵及工廠環境規劃設計實務方面相互配合,實際改善工廠之產業環境。
Factory landscape planning, through the theory and practice of environmental planning and design, aims as the improvement of current situation in manufacturing surroundings. Open space is rearranged and the green belt is established on the industrial zone so as to achieve the ecological balance in living condition. This project will meet the physical and spiritual requirement of workers. It also provides the mutifunctions of the aesthetic, recreational & educational aspects. The current manufacturing environment in Taiwan was analyzed by means of questionnaire and on-site survey on the requirement and suggestion of the employer and employee. Example and result of foreign institutes were referred. A practicable principle and planning project was worked out. It was found that the present manufacturer in Taiwan paid little attention to the overall planning, green belt building on whole factory zone. However, the workers' demand to the construction of factory landscape becomes more urgent. In accordance with this tendency of requirement, the development of factory landscape site construction will play an important role in the aspect of improving the industrial manufacturing environment, promoting the workers' living and working environmental quality, and aiding the prevention of industrial pollution, consultation, encouragement and practice of manufacturing environment planning, to engage in the factory landscape planning construction was suggested, so that manufacturing environment could be improved and all the workers and the society could be benefitted.
ISSN: 0255-5921
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