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標題: Effect of Pruning Time on Berry Qualities of " Kyoho " Grape in Southern Taiwan
作者: Yu-Mei Hsu
關鍵字: 修剪
Berry Qualities
“ Kyoho ” Grape
摘要: 本試驗以巨峰品種為材料,在高屏地區探討不同時期修剪對不同產期的葡萄果實品質之影響,其結果如下: 1.自73年10月至雴年1月份分別在每月中旬修剪、可生產2~6月之葡萄,而且果汁可溶性固形物均在16°Brix以上。 2.單穗重、單果重、果粒橫徑與縱徑均以1月修剪2月下旬至6月上旬採收這最高。果汁可溶性固形物及酸度則以12月修剪者最高,但種子數最少。 3.採收時結果之發育情形以12月修剪者較佳,11月修剪者發育不良,1月修剪者則生育太強,有徒長現象。
The effects of pruning time on berry qualities of 〝Kyoho〞(Vitis vinifera L. ×Vitis labruscana Bailey) grape were investigated from Oct. 1984 to June 1985 in southern Taiwan. The results were summarized as follows: 1. The grapevines which were pruned monthly from Oct. 1984 to January 1985 yielded berries from Feb. to Jun. 1985 with the average of total soluble solids over 16° Brix. 2. Among all the fruits treated, the greatest fresh cluster weight fresh berry weight and diameter of berry occurred in the January pruned berries. However the highest total soluble solid total acidity of juice and the least average seeds number per berry were recorded in the December pruned grapevines. 3. The shoot growth which was measured at harvest varied with pruning time. The growth of Nov.-pruned shoots were rather weak but the Jan. pruned shoots were found over vigorous in growth.
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