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標題: Use of Transplantor in Vegetable Production
作者: 宋妤
Yu Sung
Woo-Nang Chang
關鍵字: Transplantor
Vegetable Production
摘要: 小面積移植球莖甘藍及結球萵苣所須之工時,採用機械及人工二者並無顯著差異。機械移植球莖甘藍成活率較人工移植低。第一次採收單株產量機械與人工移植間沒有差異,第二次則以機械移植小苗者產量顯著較大苗移植者高,人工移植之結果則反之。第一次採收時經濟產量以人工移植者較機械移植者高,第二次採收則無顯著差異;總產量之比較以人工移植較機械移植為高。結球萵苣機械移植以保麗龍盒苗之成活率最高,第一次單株產量以人工移植最高,而以機械移植保麗龍盒苗最低,第二及第三次單株產量及總經濟產量則無顯著差異。
There is no significant differece in time between mechanical and labor transplanting of kohlrabi and head lettuce. Percent survival seedlings of kohlrabi by mechanical transplanting was lower than by labor. Yeild of first harvest was not significant different between mechanical and labor. Mechanical transplanting of small seedlings showed higher yield in second harvest in comparison to large seedlings; and vice versa in large transplanting. Labor transplanting had higher economic yield than mechanical in first harvest, but there was no significant differece in second harvest. Total yield by labor transplanting was higher than mechanical. The survival rate of head lettuce seedlings raised by block method was the highest in compare to others. Labor transplanting of lettuce had the highest yield in first harvest and the lowest yield was observed by mechanical transplanting of block-raised seedlings. However, there are no difference in second or third harvest and the total economical yield between mechanical and labor transplanting.
ISSN: 0255-5921
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