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標題: A Study on the Affective Effects of Colors for Six Ornamental Plants
作者: Sheng-Jung Ou
Po-Jen Chen
Ker-Chang Fu
關鍵字: 色彩情感效應
Affective effects of color
Factor analysis
Semantic differential
摘要: 本研究的主要目標是在瞭解人對植物色彩的情感性反應。以往的色彩情感研究多著重於無生命的材料,對像植物之類的生命性材料則少有深入探討。因此,本研究的主要重點方向在於求:(1)植物色彩在情感性形容詞上的效應強度;(2)簡化繁複的情感性形容詞,以方便說明植物色彩情感效應;(3)並比較本研究的植物色彩情感效應與純色彩效應之異同。
The purpose of this study was to understand how people affectively react to the plant color for providing landscape architects with a planting design guideline. Many studies related to color affection show that human's emotional responses are concerned with lifelee materials such as color chips, color lights, interior color, and clothing color, however, few have focused on the live material like plant. Three major conclusions were drawn from the analyses. First, plant colors had effects on people's affection. That is , different plant colors trsnsmit different mood and atmosphere. Second, four factors, the effect of plant color, were extracted based on the maximum likelihood criterion. These four factors were opimostic-merry, noble-stable, stimulating-interesting, and passionate-vigorous. Third, gender, academic background, degree of attention to plant color, and professional color training had an effect on the reaction to plant color.
ISSN: 0255-5921
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