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標題: The Growth of 'Shihchi' Guava (Psidium guajava L.) Fruit
'廿世紀'番石榴(Psidium guajava L.)之果實生長
作者: 楊宗獻
Thung-Hsing Yang
Shen-Wei Weng
Yau-Shiang Yang
關鍵字: 番石榴
Fruit growth
摘要: 為探討廿世紀番石榴果實之生長,在彰化縣社頭鄉分別調查3年生之春果及秋果之生長變化。由調查的結果顯示,兩收果實在生長期間,其果實的縱徑、橫徑、鮮重及體積均呈雙S型的生長曲線。果實的重量、體積及縱、橫徑均以秋果較大;春果之果形為圓形,而秋果則為橢圓形。比重的變化隨著果實生長而逐漸降低。春果的細胞分裂持續至花後130-140日、而秋果持續至花後60-70日,其後則為細胞肥大期。春果果肉之細胞層數為309層,細胞徑長為69μm,而秋果果肉細胞層數為327層,細胞徑長為71μm。果肉率隨果實的生長而增加,至採收時達到最高。春果之最適採收期為花後170-180天,秋果為花後110-120天。
Three-years-old guava (Psidium guajava L. cv. Shihchi) trees were used to investigate the growth changes of spring and autumn fruit in SirTun, Changhwa. The kinetics of fruit growth showed double sigmoid curves in terms of height, width, fresh weight and volume. The maximum fresh weight, volumn, height and width of fruit were met at autumn. The shape of spring fruit was oblate while that of autumn fruit was elongate. The specific gravity of fruit was decreased from fruit set till final haverst. Cell division were ceased in the 130-140 day and 60-70 day after bloom, number of cell layers were 309 and 327 as well as the average length of cell were 69μm and 70μm for spring and autumn fruit growth, which increased rapidly to maximun when fruit reached maturity, the time were 170-180 day and 110-120 day after bloom for spring and autumn fruit, respectively.
ISSN: 0255-5921
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