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標題: A Study on Establishing the Framework of the Assessment Model of Selecting Forest-Based Sites for Ecotourism
作者: 趙芝良
Chin-Liang Chao
Sheng-Jung Ou
關鍵字: 生態旅遊
Forest Recreation
Analytic Hierarchy Process(AHP)
摘要: In consideration of rising development of ecotourism in Taiwan and enhancing the inherence of natural resource system in forest-based sites of Taiwan, the purpose of this study attempted to establish an assessing model of “Selecting Forest-Based Sites for Ecotourism”. It was expected that the model would be applied to develop ecotourism in various natural recreation sites in the future, especially forest-based sites. Analytic Hierachy Process (AHP) was adopted as the major method in establishing the evaluation factors and evaluation indictors of the two-hierarchy assessment model in this syudy. The study first reviewed research papers to choose the suitable evaluation factors. By analyzing, organizing and considering frequency distribution, 31 evaluation factors about selecting a site for ecotourism were obtained. Then a questionnaire survey was conducted. After using factor analysis, six evaluation factors were extracted and they were the components of the first hierarchy in the assessment model. Such as management mechanism, physical environment mechanism, natural resource potential, cultural resource potential, fundamental facility and tourism benefit. Depending on the relationship between hierarchies and AHP's requirement, 20 evaluation indictors were chosen as the secondary hierarchy.
為因應國內生態旅遊之蓬勃發展,及考量台灣森林地區自然資源體系之本土特性,本研究乃嘗試建立一「森林生態旅遊地之評估模式」,期能藉由森林地區應用生態旅遊活動之探討,而提供未來國內各自然旅遊地推展生態旅遊之模式應用。 研究中利用階層分析程序法(AHP),建構包括評估因子與評估指標之二層級模式架構。首先由文獻分析彙整中、與專家定量之頻度分析,篩選出31項相關於生態旅遊地之評估因子,再利用因素分析獲得層級一,六大類評估因子。依據層級一上下從屬之關係,並考量AHP不大於九個數目之要求,篩檢出20項元素以為第二層級之評估指標,由此獲得整體層級體系之建立。依據本研究之資料分析與結果討論,可得下列結論:本研究所建立之「森林生態旅遊地評估模式」主要包括六大類評估因子,即經營體制、實質環境機制、自然資源潛力、人文資源潛力、基礎性設施與旅遊效益等,及其各下屬之20項評估指標。
ISSN: 0255-5921
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